What are the Best UK Cities to Visit in Winter?

What are the Best UK Cities to Visit in Winter oxford

If you’re planning a city break, then there are good reasons to prefer to plan it for winter. Some cities look better when the weather is chillier, and the evening draws in a few hours earlier. You might find different experiences on offer, and attractions to visit, at this time of year. Plus, there are practical benefits, too.

So, which are the best cities to visit during winter? There are several great candidates to consider, and many of them are to be found right here in the UK.


When it comes to historic landmarks, British cities don’t get much more impressive than York. Many of those landmarks, moreover, are at their most awe-inspiring during winter-time, when they’re floodlit in the evening. The famous gothic cathedral is undoubtedly the centrepiece, but there are also exceptionally well-preserved historic streets, and medieval city walls to navigate. Make time to go on a ghost tour, or to visit the York Dungeons.

If you’re planning on a visit to York, then the train makes a great deal of sense. You can take a train from Hull to York and be there within two hours.


Winter in Edinburgh has an enormous amount to offer, especially if it’s actually snowing. The winds in the exposed areas up on the hill can be a little bit chilly, so wrap up warm. Aside from the famous Christmas markets, and the Hogmanay celebrations, you’ll be able to enjoy a range of spectacular historic attractions, as well as world class bars, restaurants and shows.

What are the Best UK Cities to Visit in Winter belfast


If you’re visiting Belfast during winter, then you’ll want to make time during the day to visit the surrounding countryside, which is beautiful enough to have made a name for itself among TV location scouts. In the city itself, you’ll want to make time for the Titanic Quarter, and the famous Medieval Quarter.


The Welsh capital is home to a bevvy of Victorian shopping arcades, as well as open-air winter attractions like the Christmas Market. Of course, this is a port city, and the waterfront is home to a world-class hub for tourism.


The famous university city (top image) is home to a range of beautiful things to see and do that have little to do with education. You might take a stroll along the river Cherwell, or through the botanical gardens. It’s a place that’s rich in history and culture, and there are a number of excellent gastropubs, too.


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