CMR Number: An Important Identifier

CMR Number An Important Identifier

A CMR document is a standardized record used for the transportation of goods by road. It contains several important identifiers that provide key information about the shipment. Some of the essential identifiers on a CMR document include its number, date and place of issue, description of goods, route, and information related to the carrier, shipper, and consignee.

What Can You Learn From a CMR Number?

The CMR number is a unique identifier assigned to a shipment of goods transported by road under the terms of the convention. You can learn a lot of information from a CMR number, including the following:

  1. Shipment information: You can identify and track a specific shipment of goods with a CMR number. The info may relate to the origin and destination of the shipment, the type and quantity of goods transported, and the date of shipment.
  2. Carrier information: The CMR number can also identify the carrier responsible for the transportation of the goods, including its name and address and the license plate number of the vehicle used for the shipment.
  3. Delivery status: One can use the CMR number to track the delivery status of freight of goods, such as the estimated delivery time and any updates on the shipment’s progress.
  4. Bill of lading information: The CMR number often functions in conjunction with the bill of lading for a shipment of goods, which provides additional information about the shipment. You can learn the terms and conditions of the transportation, the associated cost, and any insurance coverage for the delivery.

Record Your CMR Number

It is important to keep a copy of the CMR number and document for each shipment. This information is essential for tracking and managing the delivery and resolving any disputes arising during the process. If you cannot retrieve your CMR number, request a new document as soon as possible to ensure a smooth shipment.


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