Is There an Animation Industry in the UK?

Is There an Animation Industry in the UK main


Vibrant and thriving; these are the two words that best describe the animation industry in the UK. Quickly gaining traction in the animation market, the country boasts a great history of artistic innovation and storytelling.

As British animation is renowned for its creativity, it’s only expected for the best studios to flourish in the country. Needless to say, the country is responsible for some of the best animation productions in the world.

Even better is the fact that this industry is not only limited to feature films and TV shows. They equally specialize in music videos, short films and advertisements.

What Sets the Animation Industry in the UK Apart?

As animation is about bringing characters and stories to motion, it requires professionals who understand the craft. The best animation studio in London comes with the following:

Creative freedom

The animation studios in UK are known for their top notch creativity. Animation is all about creating unique stories from different ideas. As different brands are all using this tactic as a way of marketing, animators are known to embrace creative freedom.

Business relationships

The most successful animation studios in the UK value returning business. They create strong business relationships when hired to work, depending on a given budget. This helps them gain better opportunities in the industry and beyond.


There’s nothing better than working with a top notch professional and animation experts in UK are no exception. They are professional in the way they handle projects and handle their clients. There’s an unspoken rule amongst these professionals where they stand in for each other when a project calls for more manpower.

Is There an Animation Industry in the UK main

What is the Future of the Animation Industry in UK?

With the advent of AI and technology taking center stage in the UK, is there a future for the AI industry?

The Great AI debate

AI art is here to stay. As AI platforms are continuously developed, and produce free, stellar animations, it could be easy to displace animation experts from their jobs. The UK’s animation industry will maintain its greatness only if animators can learn to leverage AI and everything it offers, instead of working against it.

An abundance of animation apps

The incline in the use of AI proves that there will be growing space in the market for animation apps. Predictions say that a substantial number of animation apps are in the works. Animators in the UK should also come up with creative ways to employ these apps and use them to their advantage.

Higher quality videos

Today, animation videos are currently 2k and are made at 24 fps (frames per second). But the future proved that the animation industry in the UK is focused on creating high quality, 4K animation videos in the future.


Animation looks like it will continue to delight audiences in the UK for years to come.With companies and productions seeking animation videos at ever turn, there doesn’t seem to be an end for this game. So why don’t you text out the power of animation when setting up your next marketing campaign.


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