Creative Ways to Promote Your App in a Saturated Market

Creative Ways to Promote Your App in a Saturated Market main

Developing an app that serves a specific feature or solves a problem is easy. You only need a good idea for an app to move forward. Everything else can be outsourced to experienced developers and it will not be long before you have a working app ready for users.

Developing the app, however, is only the beginning. You cannot expect to develop an app, make it available on the App Store, and expect users to find the app organically. Proper marketing campaigns are also needed to raise awareness.

This is where digital marketing comes in handy. Promoting an app through digital marketing instruments allows you to keep the campaign measurable and effective. More importantly, there are several creative ways you can promote an app, even when you are entering a saturated market.

First Touch

One thing you want to do when marketing a new app is to start early. In fact, you want to start your marketing campaigns before the app is released. What you want is for potential users of the app to follow the journey from the very beginning, which means taking them on a ride from the idea generation for the app to the development and testing stages.

You can take it a step further and involve the audience from the beginning by asking for their feedback. Invite a group of potential users to take part in your closed beta phase and make sure you consider their input seriously. You’ll be surprised by how much more engaged they are when their ideas get implemented.

Take a more personal point of view as you share your app development stories. You can, for instance, talk about why you worked with the developer of your choice to get the app made. Working with top names like Appetiser is a huge plus in this instance. Appetiser can help market your app to the right target audience while getting it made.

Creative Ways to Promote Your App in a Saturated Market phone

Push for Installs

Another reason why top names like Appetiser make good development partners is the fact that they have the experience of developing a good and positive user experience (UX). UX is very important, especially when you are entering a market that is already saturated. Rather than forcing your app to users, you want to make sure that users choose your app by default.

This means making the right first impression with a thoroughly positive user experience. You want to make sure that users are happy as soon as they install the app and begin the onboarding process. The sooner you can win their hearts, the more loyal they will be, and the easier it will be for you to attract more users.

When crafting a digital marketing campaign, always aim for installs. Since you know you have a good UX capable of creating the right first impression, you can maximise conversions by focusing on the digital marketing campaign itself. It doesn’t take much to start the snowball effect and get your app popular on the App Store.

Continue Telling Stories

The hero of your story – your app promotional story – is your users. The app is simply a way for users to achieve great things. Stop talking about the awesome features you offer through the app and start telling stories about how users can gain value from using the app itself. This is the angle you want to take when marketing your app.

The rest is about telling compelling stories to the right audience. You can communicate with users through social media and gain insights on how they are benefiting from the app. Find interesting stories to explore and begin telling them from the point of view of the users. You can even invite users to give testimonials and take part in your marketing campaigns.

The more compelling your stories, the more attention they will generate. At this point, marketing is about sustaining the traction your app already gained. You can maintain a certain level of active users while continuing to attract new users at the same time. Depending on the problems you solve with the app, you can also start thinking about social impact.

Go Wider

That brings us to our last tip: go big when creating an impact. While individual users are the ones benefiting directly from your app, there are social impacts that can be utilised to make your app’s story even more compelling. When users change how they solve problems thanks to your app, for example, you know you have a story to tell.

Don’t hesitate to expand your focus when crafting marketing and promotional messages. It takes some getting used to before you’ll have a strong story that everyone follows, but the time and energy invested into crafting that story is well worth the continuous recognition you can get in return. Marketing your app becomes easy when you know which stories to tell.


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