Ultraboard 950 Compact Keyboard by Bakker Elkhuizen – Product Review


By Matt Callard

For a home working copywriter, when it comes to the perfect office space and the ideal set up of tech equipment, every little helps. I’ve been using Bakker Elkhuizen’s new Ultraboard 950 Compact Keyboard, alongside a Varidesk (a movable platform for your computer that allows stand-up working and is, therefore, a great benefit to health), in a bid to improve efficiency and offer an alternative to hunched working.

The Dutch company are making a real name for themselves in the world of smart, usable tech and in typical no-nonsense style, the set up of the compact keyboard couldn’t be easier. You take it out of the box, insert the USB into your computer and it’s ready to use.


There’s a nice, white, easy-to-read clickable keyboard (they call it ‘responsive’) – which is always preferable to the iPad’s soft touch version.

What is immediately apparent is the size. The keyboard is slim and without the number pads of traditional keyboards, making it about 30% smaller. Bakker Elkhuizen state 90% of keyboard users seldom, if ever, use the numeric pad. While that may be true, it’s not the case with this user, who enjoys the functionality of the numeric pad, particularly for keyboard shortcuts. So while there is a number pad of sorts accessible by pressing a blue Fn button, the layout could take some getting used to.

Not the end of the world as easier access to the mouse means there’s greater comfort and less strain on the arm. Like I said, little things amount to a lot when it comes to heavy PC use.

“Makes working life easier”

The real selling point of the keyboard, however, is an ability to ‘multi-pair’ it with up to five different devices. If, like me, you work across multiple PCs, laptops and phones, this is a real productivity booster. Connected via Bluetooth (you need to unplug the USB), you use a ‘hot key’ to alternate between devices. Personally for work, I use two private company laptops, my own personal PC, plus an iPhone and other smartphone. Set them up correctly and you can seamlessly and efficiently move between them. In fact, you could say this solves a problem you didn’t even know you had and ultimately makes working life easier.

Other features include function keys for multimedia use (Windows only) and four ‘hotkeys’ – ‘Home’ will take you to your selected homepage, ‘Mail’ will open your integrated mail system, plus there’s a ‘Print Screen’ and ‘Number Lock’ button.

For more information on the Ultraboard 950, which costs £65.95, visit BakkerElkhiuizen.co.uk


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