2019 Christmas Party Ideas


Christmas is just around the corner! Now that Thanksgiving is over, you’ve probably started to plan your Christmas party this year. It’s the end of the decade, so it has to be the best one you’ve ever thrown so far. (No pressure!)

In this article, you’ll find some great ideas on how you can make this year’s Christmas party a blast.

Party Favours

You can’t throw a party and not give out favours at the end of it, especially when this is the season of giving. They don’t have to be expensive or extravagant but make sure that they stay on theme. Christmas-related goodies, mixed with other items that they can use throughout the year, are a great filler that your guests will surely enjoy and with The Works very easy to find. When choosing your party bag fillers, you should also consider the age of your guests. If there are kids at the party, make sure that they can enjoy whatever it is in their bags.

2019 Christmas Party Ideas favours

Party Activities

These three activities will make your party a lot more fun and enjoyable for everyone. For this year’s party, you can host a White Elephant (with a twist) exchange gift, play Christmas Carol Pictionary or throw a Gingerbread House Decorating Challenge.

• White Elephant (with a Twist!): White Elephant involves “stealing” gifts from other people. A person chooses a present from the pile, and they get to hold onto that until they see a present, they want more. Then, they can exchange the gift they received for someone else’s. For the twist, you can have a set of mini games, like who can eat an entire Fruit by the Foot faster without using their hands, as challenges that contenders need to win to keep the present. If the challenger wins, they get the present. Otherwise, they can’t challenge anyone in the next round.

• Christmas Carol Pictionary: This is a simple game that you can play with friends and family, but don’t mistake it for boring. You know how competitive Pictionary gets, right? So, print out titles of popular Christmas songs and throw them inside a bowl. If you want this game to be more challenging, choose titles that are harder to draw. Let’s see how your guests will sketch “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” and “All I Want for Christmas is You.”

2019 Christmas Party Ideas gingerbread

• Gingerbread House Decorating Challenge: This activity requires the most preparation, but it can be a lot of fun, especially if kids are involved. You need to bake gingerbread houses (or buy premade ones) and prepare different coloured icing and an array of candies that guests can use to decorate. If you’re the host, you can be the judge of who wins the contest. Make sure you have a good prize for whoever wins!

This year, why not give out party favours and plan party activities that every single one of your guests will enjoy? Your Christmas party doesn’t have to be a sit-down dinner where everybody simply eats and talks. With the ideas above, this year’s Christmas party will surely be memorable.


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