Redesigning Your Living Room, But Then Without Actually Redesigning It


Since the start of the pandemic, more people are working from home and spending time indoors. This has led to people rethinking how they arrange their living room and often work in the same area as well. Surprisingly, it is not necessary to completely transform the rooms you are living in: simply adding plants to the equation can make a big difference. In this article, you learn how you can redesign the living room space without the need for new furniture. 

Large indoor plants to the rescue 

You could buy many different types of furniture, but the things that truly make the difference? Large indoor plants do! The large plants make it possible to create distinct areas within a single space, without actually blocking them. This is the case when you create small walls to separate areas or put large furniture items to create a different feel (e.g., bookshelves). Large indoor plants are less intrusive and feel like a natural distinction between spaces. 

The transition from kitchen to the living room  

If you have a single space that is home to both the kitchen and living room, plants can help out. By placing a large plant at the end of the kitchen area, you can create a distinction between the two spaces. You can decide for yourself what kind of plant you can use. For example, there are large plants with small leaves or plants with fewer leaves that are bigger. This is dependent on your style. 

Selecting the plants that work for you 

To make sure you order the plants that suit your style, you can do an online search. Blogs and social media are helpful resources to determine what works. You can even create a mood board to see what fits with your existing furniture and how it can complement well. Online communities can also help you determine what works, and you can also share questions to retrieve inputs from other people.  

Plants do not have to be big 

The plants that you select do not necessarily have to be large. You can also select smaller plants that make a happier living room. Plants add to the ambience of the room, and also provide air purification. Now that we spend a lot of time at home, it is very helpful to have clean air. Research also shows that it helps people become more relaxed, which is helpful in these stressful times as well. 

Order online and have your plants in no-time 

You do not have to visit a dedicated store to get your plants. After visiting several pages on the Internet, you can already have your order completed and your plants on their way. With better logistics, the plants arrive in the best possible quality. This makes it possible for people to order the plants at the convenience of their own homes.


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