A Guide to Living on Yorkshire’s Coast


Yorkshire is a tranquil and captivating part of the country, especially its coastal areas.

Where traditional seaside towns neighbour bustling cosmopolitan hubs, this iconic coastline offers something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for the perfect place to raise a family or you need to relocate for work, we’ve outlined the best of living on Yorkshire’s coast in this concise guide below.

What’s life like on the Yorkshire coastline?

• Low cost of living

In comparison to other coastal regions, there’s a low cost of living in Yorkshire.

Recent statistics suggest that in 2023, Yorkshire & Humber had the third-lowest ratio of household rent to income ratio in the UK. With a range of remote and on-site jobs available for professionals, it’s possible to save, work, and get more for your money in this area. However, it’s worth bearing in mind that if you’d like to live in a rural area, a commute may be necessary.

• Diverse housing options

Don’t be fooled into thinking that the best houses can only be found in the cities.

With an extensive development of new builds in Withernsea amongst an array of terraced properties and quaint cottages across the region, families and couples won’t be short of options.

While houses in some of the most desirable towns might be priced higher, it’s worth looking at the bigger picture and focusing on quality of life. Living by the sea is good for us: according to a 2019 study by the University of Exeter, coastal living is linked with better mental health.

• Local amenities and services

Yorkshire’s coastline stretches from Redcar, at the northerly edge of North Yorkshire, and Spurn Head, just south of the flat sandy beaches in the East Riding of Yorkshire, including in Withernsea.

Whether you choose the rugged, rolling landscape of North Yorkshire or the bustling communities further south, there are sure to be plenty of lovely amenities on your doorstep. With key cities like Hull and York easily accessible from the coast, residents enjoy easy access to schools and hospitals.

There are world-class universities in both cities, and the region is served by frequent trains across Yorkshire. No matter where you settle in the county, you’ll feel well-connected.

• Outstanding natural beauty

Lastly, whether you prefer to lead an active lifestyle or you’re looking for new dog-walking destinations for the weekend, you won’t be disappointed by what’s on offer in Yorkshire. From the dramatic cliffs of Whitby and Scarborough to the luscious green pastures further south, you’ll be able to appreciate the region’s natural beauty at every turn.

From paddleboarding and canoeing to open water swimming, living by the coast opens a world of opportunities for water sports and spending fulfilling time outdoors. Paired with incredible attractions, National Parks and nature reserves scattered across the region, and it’s certain that your life on the Yorkshire coast will be abundant and joyous.


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