Lost and Found, Greek Street, Leeds – Restaurant Review

Lost and Found Leeds

By @Steve Crabtree

In Leeds, the weekend kind of begins on a Wednesday evening. You’re more than halfway through the working week, and the following day isn’t too far away from Friday, 5pm.

So it’s a nice time to go out and have a good feed, with a couple of drinks. And you could do much worse than hitting the Lost and Found restaurant on Greek Street.

“A pleasant feel”

The Greek Street restaurant comes with a look that reminds you of a pub that London bankers may have frequented in the 40s.  It’s an old, grand Victorian feel but with modern touches keeping it current. We especially noticed that when we moved across from the bar area to the restaurant area, and were seated in a nice spot in the window.

It was a pleasant feel here, and after asking for some water, we had a look over the menu. It’s a pretty large menu too, giving you a good choice and catering for a wide taste.

And with so many options, it took a bit of deliberating over. Especially when you’re yakking for England like we were! But when we finally came to our decisions we’d come to our decisions. I plumped for the Duck Salad to start (£8.00), with the Glazed Short Rib burger for my main course (£14.50). And across the table, my friend decided on the Chicken Skewers at £8.50, and the Sirloin Steak (£19.00). She picked a glass of Merlot to go with that, and I plumped for a glass of Peroni to go with my food.

Lost and Found - Greek Street, Leeds - Restaurant Review

“Light and tasty”

It’s a nice, laid back feel on a Wednesday in Lost & Found. Both with the clientele, and the way in which we were seen to by our server Emily. Without a fuss, she took great care of us all evening and being able to enjoy a nice meal in a nice place and have people around who aren’t intrusive is the way all service should be.

And when our starters came, we knew we’d done good. The Duck was very crispy, and the salad it was mixed in to very fresh. It was light and tasty and I think I’d picked the perfect pre-burger bite so’s not to ruin any appetite for the main thing.

Over the table, the skewers looked very impressive. A large portion too – this was definitely no small plate! My food companion was certainly a happy bunny.

They take great care in everything they do at Lost and Found, and the presentation of both our starters were befitting of the eye-catcher of a place we were in.

Lost and Found - Greek Street, Leeds - Restaurant Review

“A great touch”

But it was our main courses that really impressed us. I do like a substantial burger, as anyone who’s ever read my foodie pieces regularly will testify to. It’s the part of the menu my eyes automatically lock in to and at risk of becoming a parody of Supersize Me, I’ve tried to resist that temptation so much in the last nine months. But this one sounded too good, and the visual matched the description when Emily landed it in front of me.

Loaded with pulled glazed short rib, Monterery Jack cheese and a tomato and onion chutney, it was a good eat. The patty was soft and the combo of all the flavours inside that bun worked a treat. Skinny fries on the side to balance it out and “make it healthy” (in my mind!) were a great touch.

Despite me being really pleased with my choice, the steak looked sensational. The presentation looked like an over edited menu photo (that’s a compliment, by the way!) and the face lit up across the table as it arrived. It beamed even more when she tucked in, and you could tell this dish had hit the spot. Cooked to her liking, served with triple cooked chips and confit tomato – we were two very happy people tucking in to a good meal.

Lost and Found - Greek Street, Leeds - Restaurant Review

“Perfect indulgence”

Lost and Found wasn’t rammed tonight, but there was a good amount of people in enjoying their Wednesday night. A few tables looked like work mates enjoying a few chilled-out drinks at the end of their day, and others were friends out for a catch up and some food. It’s a place for everyone, and in the middle of Greek Street, the location is perfect.

Absolutely replete, we said we’d have a look at the dessert menu but it was probably going to be a no-go. But we’d had a great night, we’d loved the food, and we thought we had to finish things off with a sweet. So, we did the polite thing to our stomachs and shared the Warm Baked Chocolate Cake (£8). And what a good decision that was. A couple of blobs of orange Chantilly cream and chocolate shards, this was really good. We stuck a couple of forks in to the cake and the inner sauce glooped out. It was a perfect indulgence to end a really good meal.

And it wasn’t just the food that made the night. The service, the company, the ambience… before we knew it, we’d been in there for three hours as we weren’t rushed at any time, and weren’t fussed over. We were just in a great place, having a great time. And that, for us, was as important as the fantastic food they’d presented us with.

Lost and Found, 12 Greek Street, Leeds, LS1 5PT
Opening Hours:
Sun – Wed: 11am – 11pm
Thu: 11am – 12am
Fri & Sat: 11am – 1am
0113 493 1061


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