Businesses of all shapes and sizes need to cut extraneous expenses, so it remains puzzling as to why so many of them are still wasting money on printing costs. Even though email and cloud storage programs have revolutionised the workplace and reduced the need to print out reams and reams of paper, you’ll still find that today’s rely on printers.

From contracts to presentations to guidelines, modern offices still need a printer, but what can be improved is how exactly we use it. It’s not just ink or toner that can be saved in a frugal approach to printing, but paper, electricity, and even the lifespan of the printer itself. Simple methods can be implemented in every workplace to lower printing costs and a business’ overall expenses at the same time. Here’s how.

Print management software

In a bid to stop employees printing out dozens of memes and posting them on the wall, as well as for anyone over-clicking ‘print’ when it doesn’t immediately work (resulting in dozens of copies), some businesses are using print management software. Not only can every print task be supervised, but it’s possible to set up a printing system so that when you reach the printer and enter your ID, you can remove unwanted tasks (like when you clicked too many times) and save a lot of printer ink. Equitrac or PaperCut are among the best names in print management software.

Opt for recycled cartridges

Even if the quality is exactly the same, many businesses don’t like to consider buying recycled cartridges, or simply don’t know it’s possible. Other than the environmental benefits of being able to reuse a cartridge instead of it ending up in a landfill, recycled cartridges are often cheaper and last the same amount of time as if it were brand new. Unfortunately, there are a few scam sellers out there who give recycled cartridges a bad name, but if you purchase from a reputable site, you’ll help your bank balance and our planet. Large office supply stores often collect cartridges for recycling, so make sure you’re taking your cartridges to the right place. Don’t forget that you can recycle your phone while you’re at it.

Quick tips worth remembering:

  • Always preview before printing – In a rush to print, sometimes we miss easy mistakes that could have been avoided. The Preview function helps to spot any text that might have wandered onto a new page, an image out of line, or a glaring spelling error before you print
  • Choose black and white – If you don’t need any colour, go for the ‘print in greyscale’ option in your printer settings, so that only black ink is taken from the cartridge. You’ll save colour for when it’s necessary
  • Draft mode – Unless the document has to be top notch, select ‘draft mode’ in your settings in order to use less ink. If it’s just for your own records, draft mode is completely fine
  • Double sided – It seems a shame to waste a blank page when printing, so select ‘double sided’ so that every inch of paper is being used
  • Some fonts use up more ink than others, so choose the right fonts for printing

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