Springsteen and E Street Band Tour: 3 Eminent Cities Amidst The Tour


We saw the use of a diary by Bruce Springsteen as his 17th concert tour, “Springsteen and E Street Band Tour,” draws near the end. Bruce documented some memories he had in 5 US cities, back when the tour started.

The “Springsteen and E Street Band Tour” started on the 1st of February, and is scheduled to conclude on the 22nd of November.

When that happens, Bruce and his tour-affiliated band will have toured the whole of North America and Europe, organizing more than 117 shows, and entertaining millions of fans in the course of their travels.

As someone who is considered an inactive user of his Instagram account, Bruce took time to consecutively post some major cities that have so far made his touring experience amazing. The importance of these Instagram posts was deduced because of the date of their occurrence and the date Bruce chose to post about them.

In light of this, on this day, 4 weeks ago, Bruce posted about Tampa, Florida. A place he visited on the 1st of February, 2023. Close to a year now. Curiosity made us look up these dates to see how the “Springsteen and E Street Band Tour” concert went there. Our findings, which we will be sharing with you now, confirmed to us that Bruce posted about them, a year apart; because he was reminiscing on the beautiful time he had there.

Sadly, there’s no way to remember the “Springsteen and E Street Band Tour” without remembering that Bruce eventually fell sick halfway through 2023, forcing him and his tour team to postpone some dates from 2023, into 2024.

The good side of this postponement is that we now get to experience the “Springsteen and E Street Band Tour” this year in Europe again, even though that wasn’t planned initially, and with a stronger Bruce performance.

We’ve also taken note of the distressful process of getting tickets to the “Springsteen and E Street Band Tour.” In a bid to ease your stress, we’ve decided to inform you about an alternative ticket-selling platform where you can easily get the Bruce Springsteen tickets before the 2024 leg of the tour begins on the 5th of May in Europe, and the 19th of March in the US.

Tampa – February 1st, 2023

When the sunset in Tampa, Florida, last February, Floridians had with them a great musician, Bruce Springsteen, accompanied by one of the greatest bands to walk the earth, the E Street Band. The “Springsteen and E Street Band Tour” is now recognized as one of the greatest tours the world has ever seen, and it still has more than 5 months to go.

Bruce has posted about his experience in Florida through his official Instagram account which has 1.5 million followers. The post features the 1st of February, the day the “Springsteen and E Street Band Tour” started. The first slide of pictures showed Bruce holding his guitar, like the rock star that he is.

For now, we haven’t gotten the exact figure of people who turned out for the event. What is there about Orlando not to remember? Especially the fact that the concert was not overcrowded, so everyone got to vibe based on their levels, to the amazing electrifying sounds from Bruce and the E Street Band.

Hollywood, Florida – February 7th, 2023

Hollywood has always been hated to an extent, for having the best of the best. The hate certainly added some heat, when the “Springsteen and E Street Band Tour” visited there, last year in February.

The tour team had pristine knowledge of choosing the best venues for the “Springsteen and E Street Band Tour” concerts. You can imagine a “Rock N’ Roll” concert being held at “Hard Rock Live.” The Venue had everything the team needed to make the concert an amazing one.

Certainly, Bruce felt honored by the welcome he received in Hollywood, hence his post on Instagram, sharing slides of the moment. The team decided to rock some jeans, and a plain top, as seen in the first slide of the Instagram post. A combo that is now known as the perfect one for “Rock N’ Roll.”

While in Hollywood, Steven Van Zandt strung a guitar that displayed 2 colors. Yellow and Blue, the same color of Ukraine’s flag.

Dallas – February 10th, 2023

All, except the first and last slide of the pictures shared by Bruce on his Instagram while in Dallas, were in black and white. The perfect representation of a cherished memory. Bruce had a wonderful time in Dallas; we know this through his Instagram post.

The first picture featured Bruce holding his guitar, while he looked into the sky like he was waiting for a crown to sit on his head, before carrying on with his performance.

The second slide featured a completely different Bruce. In this slide, Bruce was moving like he already got the crown he was waiting for in the first slide.

The energy flow within Bruce’s body was visible and the crowd that night could tell he was putting his all into the performance, and was enjoying it. We all enjoyed it.


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