Eras Tour: Taylor Swift Visits Paris La Défense Arena – France


The 34-year-old love song composer, Taylor Swift, is set to make her debut appearance in Paris, “The City of Love,” France, on the 9th of May, for the Eras Tour 2024 leg. May 9th will be the first time France hosts the “Invisible String” Singer, and the Eras Tour since it started in March 2023.

The Eras Tour has been a life-changing tour for Taylor Swift, and her fans. Including people who are connected to her, like her lover, Travis Kelce, the Kansas City Chiefs Football star who experienced massive sales due to Swifties showing support for their idol, Taylor Swift.

As the popularity of Taylor Swift precedes her, getting tickets to her Eras Tour concerts is gradually becoming a hectic process, leaving unlucky fans heartbroken by the fact that they couldn’t get access to the concert venue since they lack tickets because of the overwhelming demands usually met with every available ticket.

In a bid to prevent this predicament on Swifties from repeating itself when the Eras Tour comes to Paris, France, we have here, an alternative tickets marketplace where you can easily get Taylor Swift Paris tickets, should you need them.

Love Songs in the City of Love

If there’s one thing that Taylor Swift has in common with Paris, it is the fact that they are both symbols of love. Taylor Swift has littered the world with romantic songs that have helped many people define and experience love differently.

Thankfully, some of these love songs made the Eras Tour setlist. This means that the city of love, Paris, will be met with different love songs to sync the mood of everyone that night in the concert venue.

The tour generally features Taylor Swift in 10 acts. These are categorized as each of her musical Eras, representing what the Eras tour is all about. Not to be a spoiler, we won’t go through the complete list of acts she has planned out. But here are the top 5, just to give y’all in France an insight into what to expect from Taylor Swift and the Eras Tour.

Act I

Act 1 is built upon Taylor Swift’s 7th Studio album, “Lover,” released by the singer in 2019. Upon its release, “Lover” climbed up to  No.5 on French Albums. To show her appreciation to her fans in Paris for their support during its release, Taylor will perform 6 songs from “Lover.”

This includes  the popular “Lover,” amongst other globally recognized songs like “Miss Americana & The Heartbreak Prince.” “Cruel Summer,” is also on the setlist, alongside “The Man,” with “You Need to Calm Down,” and “The Archer” closing the “Lover” Era.

Her 2nd act will then take her fans way back to when she was still taking baby steps in the music industry.

Act II

Taylor Swift’s 2nd act in the Eras Tour setlist is built upon her 2nd studio album, since the start of her career, “Fearless.” Unlike “Lover,” Fearless has just 3 songs in the Eras Tour setlist, solidifying that the Eras Tour is more about love, which makes it perfect for the Swifties in Paris.

When Taylor puts up her 2nd act, expect the performance of “Fearless,” “You Belong to Me,” and also, “Love Story.”

The arrangement of the songs has some magic to it. It represents a person in love, but one who is totally in control of the situation. The arrangement also represents the stages of falling in love. At first, you’re Fearless. And then you begin to want that person to be yours and yours alone. When that is certain, you two go on to write your love story.

There may not be enough songs from “Fearless,” but the 3 we got are enough to represent the Eras Tour in Paris when Taylor comes.


Taylor’s 3rd act in the Eras Tour is based on her 9th Studio album, “Evermore,” which was released in 2020. The album upon its release topped charts in some parts of Europe, like the UK Albums Charts, where it was at No.1 for more than 2 weeks after its release, that is aside from other charts that it topped, like the US Billboard 200 chart.

Altogether, “Evermore” contributed 5 songs to the Eras Tour Setlist. The 4th song added in Act 3 from “Evermore” is, “Champaign Problem.” Taylor Swift has shown to have a special place in her heart for “Champaign Problem.”

Going through Taylor Swift’s relationship timeline, you’ll realize why “Champaign Problem” drives everyone’s emotions to another level whenever she performs it. Taylor hasn’t been lucky in her love life, and her fans know this. Most of the time, her prince charming isn’t who he claims to be. Even though “Champaign Problem” tells the story from a different perspective, it isn’t far off from how her love life always plays out.

Act IV

Act 4 is based on Taylor Swift’s 6th Studio album, “Reputation.” The album was released in 2017 and it features some of the bangers we now have in the Eras Tour setlist.

When the time comes for Taylor to go into her 4th act for the night, expect “Delicate” to be on the list and also, “Look What You Made Me Do.”

The amazing thing about the Eras Tour is that Taylor Swift has managed to keep up with the outstanding performance of every act, regardless of how many times she has had to do each one since the Eras Tour began in March 2023.

But that shouldn’t surprise you, especially if you know how much effort Taylor has put into making the Eras Tour the best in her career so far. Plus, the welcome “Look What You Made Me Do” received when Taylor dropped the music video on her YouTube channel, also certified its position in the Eras Tour setlist. The video has more than 1.5 billion views on YouTube. That is an insane number of views, to state the least.

Act V

Taylor Swift’s “Speak Now” is her 5th act in the Eras Tour and it contributes just one song to the setlist of the Eras tour, and that is, “Enchanted.” “Enchanted” tells a sad love story, where the love fakes everything just to be with her lover.

The lyrics carry regret, that the love knows pretending doesn’t make sense, but she’s doing it nonetheless just to be with her enchanting lover. And so, a line in the song goes, “All I can say is, it was enchanting to meet you.”

In the same way, Paris, the city of love, is enchanting. All the songs selected in each of Taylor Swift’s eras match the energy needed in Paris to make one’s experience of Paris befitting. Safe to say, everyone who will make it to the Paris La Défense Arena, starting on the 9th of May, to the 12th of the same month, will never view Paris the same way again after the tour.

Luckily for the Swifties in France, Taylor Swift will return to France again after her May visit. After she finishes her 4-day show in Paris, Taylor will visit Sweden, Portugal, and Spain. Then take the Eras Tour back to France, spending 2-days in Décines-Charpieu, performing in the Groupama Stadium.


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