A Q&A with Sig and the Fire Pilots


Aptitude, endeavour and control from Cannock – here are Dave n Duggie from Sig and the Fire Pilots

What’s the title of your latest release, and what does it mean to you?
‘Click Bait’ is the first single by Sig And The Fire Pilots. And its an achievement of a life long dream, we are all really buzzing.

What was the hardest part about putting this release together, and why?
The only real hard part of putting this together was getting the right drummer for the band. The rest just seemed to fall into place.When Duggie joined it was like one of those Marvel Landings. Impressive!

Who produced the release – what did they bring to it? If you produced it yourselves what do enjoy most about producing your own material?
It was recorded at Mad Hat Studio (M2) and Engineered by Mark Stuart. It was produced by Sheena Sear and they took the songs and turned them into something a bit special. Sheena added things that we didn’t even contemplate, like nice use of reverbs and delays.

“All of ’em”

What do you want the listener to take away from listening to your music?
Don’t know about taking anything away, but it would be nice to think that you made enough of an impression for them to remember your name. It’s like when someone asks you the name of your band, and when you say Sig and the Fire Pilots and they say “never heard of ’em”. Well, now you have!

How does a track normally come together? Can you tell us something about the process?
Songs can come from anywhere. My best mate says to me “‘Click Bait’. You should write a song about that”. So I did . The chorus came to me while I was at work. A birdsong outside you bedroom window, or a phrase or guitar lick. Or the best place of all, that ephemeral place between sleep and waking. That’s when the band strikes up in your head!

What band/artists have influenced you the most since you started this project, and why?
The short answer to that would be..all of ’em! I think it is absolutely brill how there are so many great new bands in The UK coming up. It’s like a huge bottleneck has been created. I would love to think that its in reaction to the Saturday night slight karaoke drivel that we have had to put up with over the last 15 years on TV. It feels like it’s been controlling the music industry for far too long. And I’m kinda hoping that it is about to give out.


“A wide range of influences”

What countries would you like to tour? Are there any standout venues you’d like to play in?
Again, the short answer..all of ’em! There are some pretty special venues in the UK but we would just like the opportunity to get out there. It’d be a dream to support Chrissie Hynde & The Pretenders.

If you could pick one track for our readers to listen to in order to get a taste of your music, what would you pick, and why?
That’s a hard question. It’s very difficult to answer because we have such a wide range of influences it would be impossible to get em all out of one song, but Sig’s is ‘Coppin A Feel’, Dave’s is ‘She Loves’ and Duggies is ‘No Friend of Mine’.

What ambitions do you have for the band/your career?
We would all love to be able to turn professional, be able to give it 100%. Be able to get out there and do a couple of support tours. See how it goes and how you are received.

Finally, as you leave the stage, what are your parting words?
Remember, alcohol is Gods apology for making us self aware. And weed was his gift.

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