Tenerife: An Island Full of Hidden Gems

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Tenerife is more than just the hustle and bustle party island that Las Americas and Los Cristianos would have you believe. In fact, it has so much more to offer, and has often been referred to as a paradise-like island, with its beautifully sunny climate and picturesque landscapes. It’s an ideal holiday destination for those looking to get away from it all and explore the beautiful towns, villages, and countryside that this unique island has to offer. From inviting beaches to quaint mountain villages, Tenerife has some wonderful places to visit – but only if you know where to look.

Ever wonder which towns in Tenerife are the most popular? Here are some of the best small towns and villages to visit on the island:

El Médano

El Médano is the most popular small town in Tenerife. With its vibrant atmosphere and stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean, It offers something for everyone, and the town is clean, well-kept and traditionally Spanish. El Médano is a world-famous surfing destination, with great watersport facilities. And as well as this there are plenty of quiet bars and restaurants scattered around El Médano, making it the perfect destination for anyone looking for relaxed nightlife and activity.


Vilaflor is another beautiful village located inland from Tenerife’s south coast. This charming little village is nestled high into the mountainside and surrounded by lush pine forests – making it the perfect spot for anyone wishing to escape everyday life. Although less than an hour’s drive from the very touristy Las Americas, Vilaflor remains relatively untouched by tourism – meaning visitors here will get a real taste of traditional Canarian culture. As well as this, Vilaflor also offers some exceptional hikes through its picturesque landscapes – so be sure to bring your walking boots!

Tenerife An Island Full of Hidden Gems


Bajamar is primarily known as a coastal resort town on the northeast side of Tenerife – and what many people don’t know is that it is also home to one of the oldest lighthouses in Europe. Dating back centuries ago, Bajamar lighthouse was constructed around 1532 – making it an incredibly ancient building with many stories behind it. So, if you’re looking for a bit of history, mixed with great views out over the ocean Bajamar is worth the visit.

Los Silos

Situated in Tenerife’s Anaga Mountains, Los Silos offers visitors some truly incredible views of volcanic peaks and lush green valleys below them. This small village is in a remote location, but there are still plenty of things here which make Los Silos worth visiting. Alongside incredible hiking routes through these spectacular mountainside valleys, Los Silos also hosts some fantastic local farmer’s markets which offer some fantastic produce. So it’s definitely one to put on your list.


Finally, no trip to Tenerife would be complete without visiting Garachico – one of the oldest villages in all the Canary Islands. Situated on the northwest side of Tenerife overlooking a stunning bay filled with crystal-clear waters, Garachico retains much of its original charm from centuries gone by, giving visitors a sense of stepping back in history. In 1706, a lava flow destroyed many parts of the original town, filling Garachico’s harbour with larva and rendering it unusable, and having a lasting effect on the aesthetics of the village that you see today. Awash with castles and churches, it’s a popular spot for day trippers, and a place you’ll talk about for many years after visiting.

Tenerife packs so much into such a small island, and it’s easy to forget how much beauty lies beyond just those bustling seaside resorts along its shoreline. So next time you’re planning your trip to Tenerife, don’t forget about the smaller and lesser-known places. There are so many wonderful small towns and villages across this unique Canary Island which deserve recognition, each offering their own distinct character and cultural heritage.


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