6 Must-Have Items for a Luxurious Bedroom


A luxurious bedroom is comfortable and relaxing, with high-end furnishings and décor that exude a sense of sophistication.

The bed should be comfortable, layered, and inviting, with quality bedding and plenty of pillows. Plush area rugs, stylish furniture, and sumptuous draperies can also help to create an overall luxurious atmosphere.

This article reveals the six must-have items for luxurious bedrooms, with advice on choosing the best products for your space.

Let’s jump in!

1. Luxurious, season-appropriate bedding

Invest in bed sheets, a duvet, and pillows that are made of the softest, most luxurious materials available.

Choose between natural materials like down, feathers, wool, and synthetic materials like polyester, and then decide on the weight of your duvet – a lighter duvet is better for warmer climates, and a heavier duvet is better for colder climates.

Cotton and linen are popular, natural choices for bedding sets and sheets, while polyester and microfiber are cheaper synthetic options.

Our bedding buyer’s guide has more tips.

2. Comfortable mattress

6 Must-Have Items for a Luxurious Bedroom 2

Sleepeezee Pure Grand Luxe 4FT 6 Double Mattress. Available from Bedstar.

Invest in a high-quality mattress that will provide you with the best sleep possible.

Our mattress buyer’s guide will help you choose the best mattress, but there are a few general tips you can use immediately.

Measure the size of your bed frame and determine what size mattress will fit – the most common mattress sizes are single, double, and king.

Look at how you sleep and determine which mattress is best for you. Side sleepers need a softer surface to squash into, making medium mattresses best, while back sleepers need a firmer surface, making medium-firm best.

Compare the features, prices, and warranties of different mattresses, and always read reviews from customers who have already purchased the mattress.

3. Wall art

You can add personality and style to your bedroom with wall art. Places like The Range have wall art you might love, or you can head to charity shops for original art.

Select artwork that reinforces the existing colour palette and style of your bedroom. For inspiration, check out King & McGaw.

We also recommend choosing one large piece of art for a feature wall rather than multiple smaller pieces because this gives a greater sense of luxury.

6 Must-Have Items for a Luxurious Bedroom 3

Acrylic Painting, Vast Chamber of Secrets on Large, Quality Canvas, 24″x48″ (Available from Etsy)

4. Area rug

An area rug will add texture and warmth to your bedroom, and you can even use it as a focal point by choosing a contrasting colour.

When choosing an area rug, think about the size of the room, the existing decor and furnishings, and the type of flooring you have.

If you have hardwood floors, choose a rug that will add a layer of warmth and comfort. For carpeted floors, choose a rug that will help to define the area and make it feel more inviting.

Also, consider the colours and patterns that will best complement your existing decor and style, and don’t be afraid to try new things.

5. Cosy blankets

Blankets add layers of texture to your bedroom and boost comfort levels, letting you quickly wrap yourself up after a long day.

Blankets can also be used to make a statement in your bedroom. They come in various colours, textures, and sizes, so you can pick the perfect one to match your existing decor.
Throw blankets are great for draping over furniture or layering on a bed. Invest in a quilted cover for your bed for a more formal look. With so many choices, finding the perfect blanket for your bedroom is easy.

6. Mood lighting

Mood lighting makes a massive difference in bedroom ambience, helping instil a sense of warmth, functionality, and luxury.

Recessed lighting is an excellent choice for bedrooms because it provides adjustable lighting without taking up much space. This type of lighting is perfect for setting the mood in your bedroom and can be used to create a variety of different looks.

The colour of the lighting will also have an impact on the mood in your bedroom. Warmer colours like yellow and orange can create a cosy, romantic atmosphere, while cooler colours like blue create a more peaceful and calming atmosphere.


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