Architectural Lighting for Beginners

Architectural Lighting for Beginners

Architectural design can also be termed as lighting design. It is one of the most crucial aspects of building a unique structure. If you are a beginner, you may wonder what architectural design entails. This article illustrates everything you need to know about lighting and architecture. Check them out:

Lighting Architectural Projects Explained

Lighting is crucial in any building or space. Lighting is meant to enhance the aesthetics of an architectural element. A professional lighting designer will do architectural lighting that sets the mood and creates a space you can enjoy working or staying in.

When to Bring In a Designer for Your Architectural Projects Lighting

Architectural project lighting can make or destroy a project depending on when you bring in a designer for your architectural project’s lighting. The best time to bring a designer is at the beginning of the project, that is, before the electrician first fixes.

The lighting designer also needs to be part of the design team to discuss with you how you would like the lighting to occur. It will inform the decision of the whole design.

How Architectural Designers Work

Architectural designers work the same as architects. They meet with you to discuss the idea. They then visualize your idea and actualize it. As discussed above, the client needs to invite them on time. Otherwise, your idea may not be possible. The following are the lighting ideas to check out for your architectural projects:

Architectural Lighting for Beginners living room

● Lighting For Living Rooms
A fireplace or picture lighting can enhance the living room’s general outlook. Picture lighting enhances the artwork. A fireplace adds an appealing effect to the room, especially at night.

● Lighting For Hallways
Public spaces, for instance, hallways, give the room’s first impression. Perfect lighting in these areas can have the best effect on the whole house. Low lighting works best for hallways. However, not too low to interfere when washing the floors. Up-lighting also works, but is more effective in architectural designs, for example, arches.

● Lighting For Bedrooms
The lighting system you chose for the bedroom depends on what is in the room. Lighting in the bedroom needs a moderate technique. Some of the techniques include bedside lamps and wardrobe lighting with discreet LED polespring downlights.

Examples of Lighting for Your Architectural Projects

Beginners find it hard to know which type of lighting to use for their projects. Remember that a correct choice of lighting makes a great difference. The following are the types of lighting you can use:

● Up-lighting
The up-lighting technique adds a layer of lighting to your scheme. It is usually done by focusing the light on where you want it.

● Accent Lighting
Accent lighting is a great way to emphasize some of the features in your home. It can help images, pieces of art, or photos to stand out. For accent lighting to make sense, it needs to be three times as bright as the lighting in the rest of the room.

● Interior Wall Wash Lighting And Linear Lighting
Interior wall wash lighting is fitted on the walls, ceiling, or floor. Another type of lighting is linear lighting.


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