Tyre Care Made Easy – Simple Tips You Need to Know

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It is very important to establish that the right kind of tyre care will not only extend your vehicle’s life but also help you draw the right precautionary measures for staying safe on the road. For most of us, tyre maintenance is a big mystery because we have a lot of information online and it truly gets overwhelming when deciding which way to go.

Another challenge posed on us is simple everyday life which can get tremendously busy and taking out time for paying attention to the tyres can be extremely difficult. If we talk about Yorkshire, the biggest trouble spots include, A166, A64 and A1/M1/A64. Picture yourself being stranded on the road with a bad tyre! No one wants that kind of inconvenience.

Through research and a talk with experts, we have formulated a list of simple steps you can perform for taking care of your tyres the right way! Never be stuck on the road any more!

  • Regular Tyre Care Routine

“Regular” tyre care means that you should do this in a routinely matter. Doing this will help you identify any potential issues on time.

  • Ideal time frame to measure the tyre pressure is 14 days
  • Tread depth should also be 2 weeks – insufficient tread and you can be fined
  • You can be aware of the tyre surface just by visually inspecting it – after every few days monitor your tyre surface
  • Seasonal Tyre Routine

With every changing season you can do the following:

  • Get your tyres balanced with every seasonal change. Professional wheel balancing is offered by many garages
  • Look out for your tyre’s ageing
  • Pay attention to valves and valve caps
  • Your tyres should be cleaned properly

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  • Simple tyre cleaning tips

You can clean your tyres at home from time to time. Doing so will help you be aware of your tyre’s current condition and also help you have a smooth drive:

Rim cleaner

Did you know that with a rim cleaner you can properly clean your tyre rims and make sure that no other issues arise later.

Never use heavy duty cleaning agents

Cleaning agents are loaded with chemicals and you cannot use them for tyres because they are going to act adversely on the surface.

Check your tyre’s surface

If you see there are cuts or bulges on the surface – it is time for your tyres to either be replaced or get checked by a professional. Never overlook depreciated tyres because they are just going to become a source of pain later. There are many professional tyre garages to help you buy the right tyres if old ones have been through excessive wear and tear. Let’s say you are in Yorkshire and want to get tyres in Wakefield, experts at Ossett Tyre House (tel: 01924 271081) can offer special prices inclusive of tyre fitting. For more clarity, you can call them here.

Polish your tyres

You should polish the rims if you are looking to store your tyres for the season.


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