Can I Really Earn a Passive Income?

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There are many ways of earning a passive income. You can rent out your garage for storage, publish an eBook, put together an online course to showcase your skills to others, start a blog, create a website or share videos on YouTube – and these are just a few examples.

The definition of passive income is finding a way to make money without putting in tons of effort, but is that really possible? Some might argue that success is directly related to effort, which suggests that the only way to gain and achieve is to work hard at it.

Let’s say you want to write an eBook all about the best way to make homemade dog food. You do the research, you buy the ingredients, you test out recipes on your four-legged friends, and then you create lots of super content that you are sure will enlighten dog lovers.

You wait patiently for people to take an interest. You are sure that your book will soon become a bestseller, and that doggy owners across the world will be whipping up tasty treats for their pups. Soon after, a major dog food company will no doubt be chasing you with a juicy contract. Fame and fortune await!

Sadly, neither materialise, and you are left scratching your head as to why people aren’t clamouring to read your masterpiece. Perhaps it’s because they aren’t interested, but it could be that they simply don’t know about it!

Sharing Is Caring

It’s all about learning to share, and to do that you need to know who your audience is, and how you can tap into it. So, you’ve written an eBook on homemade dog food, who cares? Well, as it turns out there’s a raft of concerned pet owners out there. The pet industry is big business, and there’s much debate around food intolerances and allergies.

You know your audience, now you have to get their attention. Sharing your content is a great way of telling your target market who you are, and letting them know what you have to offer. If you can share your story, and get people interested, you can gain exposure, which will hopefully help you to boost your income too.

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SEO and Links

The content you post can really make a difference to the level of interest you achieve. Search engine optimization (SEO) can help, and involves enhancing content to generate traffic. Rankings are determined by the content you produce and the number of links you receive – if lots of other website’s link to your homemade dog food page your ranking will improve.

This is a great opportunity to increase your exposure, but how do you encourage other websites to link to you? Ideally you need high quality websites with well-written authoritative content of their own to add a link, sending their traffic to your content. This can be a tall order, and that’s why it’s a good idea to consider using someone specialized in link building, to find quality placement sites on your behalf.

If You Want Something You Have to Make it Happen

The term passive income is a little misleading. Starting anything new, even something that seems to require little effort on the surface, does in fact take time, e.g., you have to clean out your garage space before renting it out, and you will need to advertise it too!

If you need help getting to grips with digital marketing enlist the help of a reputable link-building agency to help you cut through web jargon, get to grips with SEO and climb those all-important rankings.


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