British Sandwich Week: The Most Googled Sandwiches

Reuben Sandwich British Sandwich Week

Data analysed by the organisers of British Sandwich Week, which takes place between the 16th and 22nd May, has revealed that The Club sandwich is Britain’s most Googled sandwich for 2020/2021.

A classic combination of bacon and chicken (or turkey) with tomato, green salad and mayo, it certainly delivers on taste, which perhaps explains its continued popularity.  And the top five most Googled sandwiches in the UK, also prove that Brits are in search of comfort food when it comes to their sarnies.

The Club (main image) was closely followed by The Reuben and the classic bacon butty. Grilled cheese and fish finger sandwiches making up the rest of the top five.

Perhaps a result of more people working from home, or a reflection of the growing and diverse sandwich offering from cafés, delis, and retailers up and down the country, search data proves we’re also searching for more exciting sandwich recipes. If you’re looking to broaden your sandwich horizons during British Sandwich Week, here are some of the temptingly tasty recipes from this year’s 100 most Googled sandwiches, that you might not have already tried.

British Sandwich Week Gyro Sandwich

The Gyro Sandwich (number 78)

A gyro is meat kebab style dish (usually lamb) served on a pitta or wrap. It is a traditional Greek dish cooked on a vertical rotisserie and served up with delicious accompaniments including feta cheese, tomato, onion salad and also hummus or tzatziki.

The Cuban (number 6)

The Cuban, sometimes referred to as a Cubano is another ham and cheese sandwich upgrade. It incorporates two types of meat – roasted pork and ham, with Swiss cheese, pickles, and mustard onto a pressed sandwich.

The Reuben (number 2)

You can’t make a Reuben on any old bread; it must be sourdough or rye bread for the perfect Reuben sandwich. Layered within are lashings of sliced pastrami, Emmental cheese, sauerkraut, butter, and dill pickles. The origins of the Reuben are often contested but as for the taste, most who eat it unanimously agree that it is in fact, delicious.

British Sandwich Week Ice Cream Sandwich

The Ice Cream Sandwich (14)

Who said sandwiches must be savoury? Gooey chocolate chip cookies with a slab of ice cream squished in the middle – what’s not to love about this comforting combination?

The Po Boy Sandwich (number 70)

A po’ boy (also po-boy, po boy or poor boy) sandwich originates from Louisiana and combines roast beef with the staple food of the America’s Deep South – seafood. Most frequently this contains shrimp, but variations include oysters, fish, or crawfish. Whichever seafood you choose, it should be deep-fried. With a spicy Cajun breadcrumb coating, channelling the flavours associated with the region of America.

The vessel for this mouth-watering menagerie must be New Orleans French bread; a type of crusty loaf known for its crunch crust and sparse crumb.

The Monte Cristo (number 15)

A mouth-watering variation of the classic French Croque Monsieur. Layer up cheese and ham between slices of bread then dip the whole thing in egg and fry until golden brown. Some sandwich-makers add some mustard and mayonnaise for flavour. Or, for those who like sweet savoury combination the Monte Christo is delicious with a dust of powdered sugar or a drizzle of honey.

British Sandwich Week Porchetta Sandwich

The Porchetta Sandwich (number 90)

Pork belly stuffed with liver and wild fennel, rolled, and roasted low and slow. Pile high on a crusty roll with salsa verde and you won’t go far wrong.

The Bánh Mì Sandwich (99)

Served on a soft French baguette, the Bánh Mì combines crunchy pickled vegetables with rich, marinated chicken or pork tenderloin. It originates in Vietnam, so you’ll taste the Asian influences coming through.

British Sandwich Week Bombay Sandwich

The Bombay Sandwich (number 58)

A healthy, wholesome vegetarian option. The Bombay sandwich is a traditional street food snack that delivers on taste as well as nutrients.  Top soft white with a vibrant herb chutney, masala spices and layers of cucumber, onion, tomato and the hidden ingredient, cheese, then toast until golden brown.

Fish Finger Sandwich (number 5)

For British Sandwich Week we’ve left the best until last, and an all-time classic. Some people serve theirs with tartare sauce, others use ketchup. But why not have both! Gherkins, crispy lettuce, avocado and even egg can all be added to ramp up the taste stakes.

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