Italian Wines That Cannot Miss in Your Personal Cellar

Italian Wines That Cannot Miss in Your Personal Cellar

Speaking about Italian wines, it comes spontaneous to say – especially for passionate tasters and experts – that we are not talking just about beverages. For many people, Italian wines are a real work of art, representing the embodiment of a rich cultural heritage, coming from centuries of winemaking mastery. Every wine-tasting enthusiast finds in Italian grape varieties and in the different types of wines, from red, white and sparkling wines, an irresistible fascination, thanks to the unique quantity of flavours and aromas that characterise the most appreciated and desired wines. From the north to the south, the Italian landscape provides with a vast array of grape varieties, each expressing an unique character.

It’s because of the above-mentioned premises that, when it comes to purchase Italian wines, it’s important to consider various factors in a pretty meticulous way. Since we are talking about high quality beverages, acquiring them means to browse online or rely on the most provided physical stores, in order to ensure the access to the most esteemed Italian wines that the market has to offer.

Online stores such as Svinando provide their customers with a wide array of Italian wines, from the sparkling ones to the most classical and delicate essences, ensuring a high-quality experience from the first to the last sip. Moreover, the true magic of Italian wine tasting has to be found in the amazing pairs that you can create with some of the most appreciated plates that this cuisine has to offer. In the next paragraphs we are going to discover some of the Italian wines that cannot miss in the personal cellar of a true wine tasting enthusiast.


We are starting our list of the most appreciated and tasteful Italian wines with Barolo, often referred to as the King of Wines. Barolo brings with its name a prestigious status and a rich flavor profile. Coming from the Piedmont region – which is well known for the high quality of its wines – Barolo is crafted from the Nebbiolo grape variety. It’s a complex wine, with several fruity notes and firm tannins. It’s highly suggested to taste Barolo with meat.

Brunello di Montalcino

Coming directly from Tuscany, Brunello di Montalcino is produced with Sangiovese Grapes. It’s an elegant wine, mostly appreciated for its high aging potential. This wine has an intense flavor of dark cherry, alongside with notes of plum, leather, and spice. Its vibrant acidity makes it the best wine to pair with roasted meat and game.

Italian Wines That Cannot Miss in Your Personal Cellar 2


The Italian answer to France’s Champagne has to be find in Franciacorta. This wine comes from the Lombardy region, and it’s crafted exclusively following traditional methods. This prestigious sparkling wine is characterized by its fine bubbles and its crispy acidity. The contrast with the delicate notes of green apple and citrus makes it amazing with desserts, seafood or for an aperitive.

Amarone della Volpicella

Crafted in the Veneto region, Amarone della Volpicella is an opulent red wine that provides a rich bouquet of flavor, among which we can find dried herbs and chocolate. Its complexity makes Amarone della Volpicella an amazing choice to pair with lasagna, cheesy gnocchi or with duck ragù.

Vermentino di Gallura

Vermentino di Gallura is a crisp white wine from Sardinia, known for its vibrant citrus and floral aromas. Its lively acidity and minerality create a refreshing palate with hints of pear and apple. This versatile wine pairs excellently with seafood, white meats, and light pastas, but also with sushi and fusion cuisine.

Bardolino Chiaretto

Bardolino Chiaretto is a delicate rosé wine from the Veneto region, renowned for its light strawberry and peach notes. With a hint of floral aromas, this crisp and refreshing wine has a balanced acidity that pairs beautifully with salads, grilled fish, pizza and light appetizers. It’s versatile and perfect for spring and summer sipping.


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