The 5 Bedroom Colours Taking Over Instagram Right Now

The 5 Bedroom Colours Taking Over Instagram Right Now (2)

Bedroom aesthetics are swiftly transforming as Instagram users move away from traditional choices to more vivid and expressive shades. A recent study by Furniture Village has illuminated this trend, revealing a surprising leader in bedroom colour popularity. Here’s a look at how the colour palette of our private sanctuaries is changing, as evidenced by the patterns of Instagram hashtags and preferences.

Neutral Bedrooms: The Evergreen Choice

While bold colours like pink are taking centre stage, neutral tones remain a mainstay in bedroom design, demonstrated by 81.7 thousand hashtags for #neutralbedroom. Neutrals offer unmatched versatility, serving as a canvas that homeowners can easily adapt to reflect their changing tastes or the latest trends. This adaptability makes neutrals ideal for those who like to frequently refresh their space with new accessories or accent pieces. “Neutrals are perfect as they allow for the incorporation of seasonal colour splashes through accessories like cushions and rugs,” Furniture Village notes, highlighting the ease with which one can rejuvenate a room without overhauling its foundational palette. The popularity of neutrals is also reflected in their complementarity with other styles such as #bohobedrooms and #modernbedrooms, which have garnered significant attention with 267 thousand and 173 thousand posts respectively.

Grey Bedrooms: A Minimalist’s Dream

Grey bedrooms encapsulate minimalist charm, perfectly suited for those who prefer a subtle yet sophisticated space. The popularity of #greybedroom on Instagram, with 71.1 thousand hashtags, underscores its appeal among modern decorators. Grey serves as a neutral base that can be dramatically transformed with the right accents. Furniture Village experts suggest, “Grey can easily be glammed-out with the right furniture, such as mirrored cabinets, which fit a grey décor perfectly.” This flexibility makes grey an excellent choice for those seeking dreamy bedroom colour ideas that combine elegance with versatility. The hashtag #minimalistbedroom, popular among Instagram users with 22.8 thousand posts, often features grey tones that emphasise cleanliness and order, ideal for a peaceful retreat.

Pink Bedrooms: A Vibrant Trendsetter

Pink is no longer just a colour for children’s rooms; it has surged to the forefront with an impressive 85,000 hashtags, claiming the crown for the most popular bedroom colour on Instagram. This vibrant choice reflects a growing trend towards rooms that offer a sense of calm and warmth. Users find pink to be not only soothing but also conducive to feelings of love and romance. According to Furniture Village, “Pink is the perfect colour for a romantic bedroom,” a sentiment echoed by the 12.8 thousand posts under #romanticbedroom. Additionally, the versatility of pink allows it to blend seamlessly with various decor styles, including the rustic charm of #farmhousebedroom, which itself boasts 105 thousand posts.

The 5 Bedroom Colours Taking Over Instagram Right Now (1)

Blue Bedrooms: Serenity Now

The soothing nature of blue makes it a favoured choice for bedrooms, promoting relaxation and tranquillity. With 34.9 thousand hashtags, blue bedrooms are celebrated for their ability to create a serene atmosphere, essential for unwinding after a busy day. Different shades of blue cater to a variety of aesthetic preferences, from deep navy for a bold, modern look to soft pastels perfect for a coastal vibe, reflected in the popular hashtag #coastalbedroom with 12.8 thousand posts. The versatility of blue within various design themes allows it to be a part of many dreamy bedroom colour ideas, making it a staple for anyone looking to infuse their bedroom with a sense of calm and serenity.

Green Bedrooms: Nature’s Embrace

The resurgence of green in bedroom design is a nod to the growing desire for a connection with nature in our living spaces. With 31 thousand hashtags, the popularity of #greenbedroom on Instagram is a testament to its broad appeal. Green is versatile enough to suit a variety of decor themes, from the rich, opulent tones ideal for an Art Deco setting to the muted, earthy hues perfect for a Scandinavian look. Whether it’s a deep emerald or a soft sage, each shade of green provides a refreshing backdrop that embodies tranquillity and renewal. This makes green one of the essential dreamy bedroom colour ideas for those looking to create a peaceful sanctuary that promotes rest and relaxation. Popular tags like #cottagebedroom, with 24.4 thousand posts, also show how well green integrates with other relaxed, rustic styles, highlighting its adaptability and widespread charm.

Conclusion: A Palette of Possibilities

As the trends on Instagram show, bedrooms are becoming more than just places to sleep. They are personal retreats where aesthetics play a significant role in how we relax and recharge. Furniture Village’s study reveals that whether you prefer the vibrant allure of pink, the timeless versatility of neutrals, the sophisticated calm of grey, the serene depths of blue, or the natural tranquillity of green, there is a palette to suit every taste. These colours not only enhance the visual appeal of a bedroom but also contribute to the overall ambience, making your private space a true sanctuary. As you consider updating your bedroom, think about how these popular choices could transform your personal space into an area that reflects both your style and your need for comfort and peace.


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