The most common hair mistakes


Who isn’t guilty of making a hair faux pas every now and then? You skip the conditioner because you don’t have time, you yank your brush through wet hair because you’re annoyed with all the tangles, the list is endless. If it’s every now and then, your locks will forgive you, but what if you don’t even realise you’re committing hair sins? Let’s go through the main ones and hope you’re not a culprit.

Shampooing daily

We already covered the dos and don’t of hair washing, but didn’t mention you shouldn’t do it too often. Shampoo is designed to clean the scalp and remove excess oil, but if you over-shampoo it will deplete your locks of all their oils and will dry them out. Experts suggest to shampoo every other day or even every third day if you can hold out that long. If your hair is looking worse for wear, these tips on combatting dry, straw-like hair may come in handy. Dry shampoo is your friend here and can refresh your hair in between washes.

Sleeping with wet hair

Your hair is elastic and pliable when wet so this leaves it more susceptible to breakage. To protect your hair while you sleep, make sure to dry it properly before bed. You could even go one step further and purchase a silk pillowcase, which will reduce friction and keep your locks frizz-free.

Taking hot showers

There’s nothing better than a steamy shower after a hard day, but unfortunately your hair doesn’t think so. The heat opens up your cuticles as well as strips your scalp of its natural oils. The best thing to do is shower in lukewarm water and finish off with a cold rinse.

Tying hair bobbles too tightly

Ponytails and buns really save the day when your hair isn’t behaving, but throwing your locks up every day in a super tight bobble can cause stress at your hairline and damage to the shaft. Try not tying the bobble as tightly or use a soft scrunchie instead. Also refrain from tying your hair up in the same position all the time as this can also cause breakage. If you’re a fan of wearing your hair up often, change your ponytail or bun’s position every so often to minimise damage.

Blow-drying when soaking wet

You’ve timed your shower wrong and now you only have 30 minutes until you have to be out the door. Your dripping wet hair needs drying asap so you whip out the dryer. Not only will this make your hair difficult to style, but it will cause a lot of heat damage. Hair dryers should be used on damp (not wet hair) for a maximum of 20 minutes. Wrap your hair in a towel first and then air dry for as long as possible until you have to turn to the dryer.


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