Noble Beast by Andrew Bird – Album Review

noble beast album review

by Matt Callard

I have no doubt that Andrew Bird was one of the clever kids at school.

noble beastSuzuki-taught violinist, steeped in musical history before he’s out of shorts, born to perform, plus, the possessor of an astonishing ability to whistle without making you want to behead him.

“A captivating voice among the exquisite instrumentation”

So, what does a man brought up on classical violin, jazz, gypsy folk and blues do with his life? How about a musical career combining said genres with added talent for whistling thrown in for good measure.

Oh, but Noble Beast is much better than that sounds. There’s a captivating voice among the exquisite instrumentation and I’ll be darned if he hasn’t got a neat turn of phrase and a lovely ear for melody to boot.

Where else you gonna hear the line ‘proto-Sanskrit Minoans’ this year, anyway? Clever bloke, that Andrew Bird.


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