It’s Not Me It’s You by Lily Allen – Album Review

it's not me it's you review lily allen

by Matt Callard

Although irksomely disowning joyful and bouncy debut album, Alright Still, as immature (hey Lily, we like pop music!), despite it spawning a host of imitators (remember that awful summer of Kate Nash?) and aside from the fact that this new album contains a six-months-too-late piece of cringe-some Dubya baiting.

it's not me it's you album reviewAnd even after the tiresome year-long joust with the tabloids and rehab, Lily Allen remains our finest proper pop star.

“Golden pop sass”

Mouthy, smart, catchy – what else should pop music be?

So she’s grown up a little, but come back railing against our celebrity-obsessed culture (despite being the eye of that particular hurricane), sticking the knife in to rubbish blokes (there’s a lot of ’em about) and generally appealing to any smart females (and the odd male) under 50 with a penchant for golden pop sass.



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