I See a Darkness by Bonnie Prince Billy – Album Review

i see a darkness album review

by Matt Callard

Here’s where Will Oldham emerges from his underground Palace, quietly claims the New Country crown and becomes, oh yes, The World’s Greatest Songwriter.

i see a darkness album reviewHe’d been bubbling under for years, using different monikers, collaborating, building up a cult following, acting a bit, even – but nobody expected this.

“Slowly reveals its layers of beauty”

What at first seems a deathly and haunting record slowly reveals its layers of beauty, much like the way that leering death skull on the front cover slowly becomes a grinning x-ray the more you become familiar with it.

It’s no party record, but there’s warmth and vivid black humour among the tales of Gothic unrest and wayward love.

Fittingly, the title track is one of the last songs ever recorded by Johnny Cash, adding to it a near unbearable poignancy and gravitas.

Cult classic or one of the essentials, wherever I See A Darkness now sits, it’s essential listening.


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