New Festive Treats for Santa (and His Reindeer)

New Festive Treats for Santa (and His Reindeer) (1)

As the reindeer navigate through the starry, starry sky, countless homes worldwide get ready for Christmas with delightful snacks to help Santa on his merry way. But with nearly 400 million houses to visit, even the Big Guy in the red suit must crave for something different to yet another mince pie or shot of brandy.

With this in mind, come join us as we move beyond the classics and spice up Santa’s snack tray with some unique and diverse treats!

Refreshing Santa’s Christmas Eve Snacks

Here’s the first festive refresh: Instead of pastry-covered mince pies that do nothing for Santa’s figure, here are 5 snack time makeover treats that will give St Nick a taste bud boost and a new zest for those all-important deliveries:

• Savoury Surprises: How about some tangy cheese nibbles or savoury crisps to break the sweetness chain?
• Nutty Honey Clusters: These sweet and salty treats are packed with energy – and Rudolph can even join in with the nibbles.
• Cranberry and White Chocolate Squares: A luscious blend of berries and sweet chocolate, that add a welcome dash of tartness to Santa’s palate

Creative Snack Time Makeover

For those looking to bring out the creative chef, here are some homemade treats that are sure to dazzle Santa:

• Homemade Veggie Chips: Swap potato for parsnip, sweet potato or beetroot and create a rainbow of crispy treats.
• Green Veggie Bites: A splash of health with these mini veggie-packed snacks.
• Customised Cookies: Bake cookies shaped like Santa’s hat or boots for a whimsical touch.
• Strawberry Santas: Create adorable Santas using strawberries and cream – a delightful and healthy treat.
• Gingerbread Sleighs: Transform gingerbread into charming sleighs with creative icing designs.

Diverse Drinks for Santa

No doubt it’s thirsty work for Santa on Christmas Eve – and brandy isn’t really the best option for thirst quenching. Let’s revamp Santa’s beverage selection with these festive options:

• Assorted Herbal Teas: Each offering unique flavours and relaxation benefits.
• Non-Alcoholic Spiced Wine: All the Christmas spirit, none of the alcohol.
• Peppermint Hot Chocolate: A timeless favourite with a peppermint twist.
• Gentle Sips: Replace alcoholic beverages with a warm, invigorating cup of caffeine-free herbal tea, perfect for keeping Santa spirited and energetic.

New Festive Treats for Santa (and His Reindeer) (2)

Milk is your Festive Treat Hack!

While it’s true that 63.4% give Santa milk as a refresher, milk is also your go-to option as an ingredient for so many great treats:

Cinnamon Rolls: Milk is a key ingredient in these bakes for beginners, that always come up a light and fluffy treat.
Milk biscuits: Great for the kids to make on Christmas Eve, milk biscuits need just milk, butter and sugar for a crumbly festive treat.
Milk snowballs: Light and fluffy and ridiculously easy to make, these sweet circles are a fabulous festive treat.

Oh – and don’t forget the extra milk delivery so you’re not short on Christmas day!

Don’t forget Rudolph!

While carrots are a classic, let’s add some variety for the reindeer with crunchy celery, juicy apples, and a mix of berries.

Mixed bags: Anything goes for reindeer treats – in fact, a good rummage around the garden or local wood might unearth a few pine cones, roots and twigs which you can combine into a reindeer nose bag.
Raid the fridge: Take a look in your salad drawer for the limp bits that really need eating – seriously, Rudolph won’t be bothered.
Crush’ems: A pile of crushed nuts and a handful of porridge oats is the solution if speed is of the essence.

Ensuring a Joyous and Considerate Celebration

This festive season, let’s be thoughtful in our celebrations. Offering a mix of snacks and non-alcoholic drinks not only ensures Santa’s safety but also brings a fun twist to his traditional journey. Let’s make this Christmas memorable for everyone, especially Santa and his loyal reindeer!

Wishing everyone a joyous and enchanting Christmas Eve!


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