Locations You Cannot Miss in Yorkshire This Christmas

Locations You Cannot Miss in Yorkshire This Christmas

Christmas in Yorkshire is an unparalleled experience. As the festive season is in full swing, this picturesque county undergoes a captivating metamorphosis, becoming an enchanting realm adorned with shimmering lights, resounding carols, and a heartening atmosphere of seasonal cheer. The area transforms into a vibrant centre of jubilant celebrations, providing a plethora of diverse activities that appeal to individuals of all ages and preferences.

Yorkshire is adept at celebrating Christmas, with its array of spectacular meetings with Father Christmas and opportunities to explore stunning Christmas markets. Take the chance to explore the foremost activities to partake in throughout the holiday season with our guide below, as this northern English province guarantees an amazing X-Mas experience.

Harrogate Christmas Market

Locations You Cannot Miss in Yorkshire This Christmas harrogate market (2)

Indulge in the delight of the Christmas season in the centre of Yorkshire in December.

The renowned Christmas Market of Harrogate will again grace the town centre, offering a 17-day extravaganza of holiday shopping. Visitors will have the chance to explore a diverse range of local merchants and traditional European Christmas booths.

Within the assortment of booths and amusements, there will be handcrafted arts and crafts, delectable delicacies available for sampling or buying, decorative items for your house, and a variety of distinctive gift options for you to select from or indulge in for yourself amidst the bustling Christmas preparations.

Visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy music and entertainment as well.

Where is Harrogate X-Mas Market?
Cambridge Street & Marketplace, Harrogate Town Centre.

Castle Howard

Locations You Cannot Miss in Yorkshire This Christmas castle howard

Embark on an enchanting journey through Neverland this Christmas as Castle Howard extends an invitation to a unique and extraordinary Christmas event.

Indulge on an exhilarating journey filled with charming fairies, mesmerising mermaids, and daring pirates. Immense vessels will navigate into the magnificent exhibition spaces, the sound of ‘Lost-Boy-laughter’ will reverberate throughout their corridors, and the exquisite chambers will undergo a metamorphosis, resembling tropical lagoons.

Accompany the youngster who never grew old into an enchanting and celebratory realm that will reignite your faith in magical beings and leave you with a profound sense of joy.

Where is Castle Howard?
Castle Howard, Malton, North Yorkshire.

Stockheld Park

Locations You Cannot Miss in Yorkshire This Christmas stockeld park

Originally a small Christmas Tree business, Stockeld Park’s most renowned adventure season sprouted from this modest beginning. Subsequently, Stockeld Park has become the annual venue for the most enchanting Christmas festivities for families in Yorkshire.

Experience a range of festive attractions at Stockeld Park, including a chance to see Santa, marvel at the Winter Illuminations throughout the Enhanced Forest, unravel the mysteries of our Snowflake Maze, and glide over our ice rink. These exciting Christmas activities and events cater to children and adults of all ages. Experience the additional charm of Christmas at Stockeld Park by acquiring one of our exquisite authentic Christmas trees cultivated on-site at the expansive Stockeld Park Estate, the largest plantation in Yorkshire.

Participate in Christmas festivities and engage in physical activities while exploring expansive outdoor playgrounds designed around certain themes, all located inside the picturesque forested area. This place is the epitome of the magical spirit of Christmas!

Where is Stockheld Park?
Stockheld Park, Weatherby.

Victoria Gate Casino

Locations You Cannot Miss in Yorkshire This Christmas victoria gate

For adults seeking an extra sparkle with a touch of thrill this X-Mas, look no further than the Victoria Gate casino.

Located in the Victoria Gate retail district, the Victoria Gate Casino is surrounded by various cosmopolitan establishments, such as restaurants, pubs, and designer boutiques. Following an enjoyable shopping day, why not proceed to the renowned casino? Which is famous for its opulent ambience, high-end environment, and exceptionally cordial and supportive personnel.

The venue, the third largest in the United Kingdom, boasts a capacity exceeding 1,400 guests and provides an extensive selection of traditional poker games. In addition to electronic gambling machines, Craps, Baccarat, Blackjack, and Roulette are also available to guests, idealistic for those familiar with a comprehensive guide to live casinos across the UK.

Not forgetting the establishment’s live sports bar, champagne and cocktail bar serving exceptional concoctions in the city, and its high-end eatery, eliminating the need for patrons to depart the venue in search of a snack to eat.

Where is the Victoria Gate casino?
Victoria Gate, Eastgate, Leeds.

Christmas Trails

Locations You Cannot Miss in Yorkshire This Christmas trails

When it involves family pleasure, there is nothing better than a Christmas trail that combines adventure, discovery, and the opportunity to see Yorkshire’s numerous captivating historical sites.

In York, you can participate in the delectable Gourmet Christmas Food Hunt, leading you to some of the finest dining establishments in the city. Meanwhile, Bolton Abbey has its yearly 12 Days of Christmas trail, inviting families to go into the winter forest and unravel a holiday-themed puzzle.

RHS Garden

Locations You Cannot Miss in Yorkshire This Christmas harlow carr

The gardens at Harlow Carr are stunning during the day, but the nighttime displays truly captivate and inspire throughout the winter season.

The gardens are illuminated by a multitude of lights, creating a vibrant display of colours that reflect on the trees, resembling dancing fairies in the water. Multiple routes are available for exploration, each offering a plethora of meticulously arranged attractions at every turn. Bettys Tea House is open throughout your stay to provide a hot beverage for the winter season, or you may visit the garden centre for some Christmas shopping.

When & Where
The schedule includes Wednesdays and Saturdays starting from November 22nd and ending on December 30th at RHS Garden Harlow Carr, Harrogate.

Polar Express Train Experience

Locations You Cannot Miss in Yorkshire This Christmas polar express

Experience the enchantment of the 2004 movie The Polar Express by riding on the Wensleydale Railway with your family and friends. You will get the opportunity to encounter several characters from the film, including the conductor, the singing chefs, the hobo, and, naturally, the central figure, Father Christmas.

Where is the Polar Express train ride?
Wensleydale Railway, Northallerton

Winter Wonderland in York

Locations You Cannot Miss in Yorkshire This Christmas winter wonderland

The North of England’s largest outdoor ice rink, spanning 975 square metres and made of actual ice, is being reintroduced as part of the enchanting winter festivities. The rink’s showpiece is a magnificent 30-foot-high Christmas tree adorned with glittering decorations.

The event will feature a lit tree, log houses, and several other elements, creating an enchanting ambience that individuals of all ages may appreciate. Additionally, a celebratory café offers a view of the ice rink, providing the opportunity to purchase warm beverages and snacks.

The festival started on November 17th and concludes on January 7th, with tickets available online.

Where is Yorkshire Winter Wonderland?
St Nicholas Ave, Fulford, York


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