5 Factors to Consider When You Want to Buy Car Tyres Near You

5 Factors to Consider When You Want to Buy Car Tyres Near You (1)

No matter if they are in the far south of the UK or even somewhere in the middle by Cheshire, or all the way north, in Scotland, near Fife, drivers will always need to buy new tyres when their current ones become old or too damaged to use. Getting your tyres updated is important especially if you plan on driving for long road trips.

But no matter where you are here are some factors to consider when you want to buy car tyres from someone close at hand in your area.

Pairs or Quads, Not Singles

New tyres should always be purchased in a minimum of pairs – said pair to fit onto the same axle. This is because there are subtle differences between brands – even of the same size and shape of tyres – that can affect the way your axle turns. Too much discrepancy for too long can result in your tyres wearing unevenly, beginning to fail long before they should, and can even lead to knock-on problems within the vehicle’s mechanical parts. It is best, always, to buy a new set of four tyres, if you can, but if that is not possible, then pairs is your next best option. Avoid, if you can, buying single tyres unless it is for an emergency and will only be keeping mis-matched tyres on your vehicle for as minimum a time as possible.

What Quality Are You Looking For?

If you are aiming to get premium tyres you should know that, premium tyres are the best, made from the highest quality, sustainably sourced materials, designed using the absolute latest in engineering technology. These tyres are those fresh from the R&D labs (research and development) and are cutting-edge marvels that will actively work to enhance your ride, safety and so much more.

5 Factors to Consider When You Want to Buy Car Tyres Near You (2)

Check the Ratings

Not the yelp reviews! But the tyre ratings for speed, weight and so on. If you need the tyres to carry heavy weights for long times at high speeds, they will need to be much sturdier than those that are only needed for daily commutes of short distances, carrying little in the way of excess weight. Make sure that your chosen tyres meet – and preferably exceed – the weight and speed ratings that they will be subjected to.

Pay Attention to the Seasons

If winter is coming, consider how much driving you will be doing in poor conditions. If your local area is prone to frequent freezes – such as Fife in Scotland can be, or even the more hilly parts of Cheshire – then you might want to consider getting winter tyres fitted to your car. If, however, the average temperature seldom drops below 7°C – busy cities like London tend not to suffer from frost in the same way that the countryside does – then you can stick with your summer tyres or meet in the middle by choosing all-weather tyres. In case you are somewhere near Fife, Dunfermline, Glenrothes or Dundee; and looking for car tyres near you, Fife Autocentre stocks all the top brands at local prices.

Check the Size

Before committing to any set of tyres, make sure that you have chosen the right tyres to suit your needs. Each make and model of car comes with a notification about the tyres that will best suit its needs, and it is best – for your car, for the tyres, and even for your safety while on the roads – to adhere to this advice. You will find the relevant information in your car owner’s manual, online – or you can simply ask your mechanic at your local garage for some assistance and he or she will be able to guide you towards the best tyres for your needs.


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