What Can Notarize a Document in England?

What Can Notarize a Document in England (1)

What is the meaning of a notary public? What kind of people are they and what type of work do they do? This is one of the questions you need to ask before you visit a Notary Public in Cardiff office. Well, notaries are independent lawyers in England and Wales who help clients validate documents and other kinds of validations that people need to do for their overseas transactions. These kinds of lawyers are impartial and neutral witnesses to the documents presented to them. As such, the services they provide add credibility to the documents that they process.

What kind of notary services can individuals get?

If you are an individual and need notary services, there are many of these services that you can receive. As an individual client, you may want to have documents notarized for various purposes. These are documents that you probably want to use for legal purposes or in a foreign country. These services include:

Power of the attorney

When you have notarized powers of the attorney, it means that you can act in matters of legal authority for someone who is not physically present. These are usually services offered to clients who deal in international transactions.

Property Transactions

When you have property transactions that require documents to be authenticated, then notaries come in handy. If one is dealing with foreign properties in countries like Spain, Bulgaria, Poland, and others, then the notaries will help with this issue.

Other kinds of services offered by notaries include legalization by Apostille, consular legalization, as well as affidavits.

What Can Notarize a Document in England (2)

How is notarization done?

For the notarization of your documents, you need to provide the notary with the original document that he will then make a copy of. The notary then certifies the photocopy as the true copy of the original. Well, the wording of the certification will depend on your organization. Organizations from different countries may have different requirements and this is where the difference comes in.

Documents With Photos

There are many types of documents with photos that can be certified by the notary. These are documents such as ID cards, passports, Driving Licences, and so on. When such documents are photocopied and certified by the notary, then this will mean all the pages have been seen and certified. The notary will indicate that the copy is a true document of the original as seen by them. The notary will then sign the copy and indicate the date of the certification. They will also print their name.

Documents with multiple pages

The notary will sometimes be presented with documents that have multiple pages. So how do they go about this? Well, the notary will write the certification on the first page and indicate the number of pages the document has. If one requires all the pages of the document to be certified, then the notary can stamp and sign all the pages of the document. The notary can bind all the pages of the document to ensure they are not tampered with. If you do have the original document, you can still have it certified if you can prove the source of the document to the notary. This is the case of documents from emails or applications.


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