Your Ultimate Guide to Seasonal Vehicle Preparation

Your Ultimate Guide to Seasonal Vehicle Preparation (1)

Just like humans, your vehicle needs different care in different seasons. It works like a human body and needs a reset at the beginning of spring, summer, fall, and winter. As the season changes, so does the demand for your vehicle. Hence, preparing your car for the upcoming weather not only ensures your optimal safety but also optimises performance and fuel efficiency. This article is here to guide you on how you can keep your vehicle running smoothly during the different seasons:

 ·  Checking the tyres: Since winter takes a heavy toll on the health of the tyres, it is important to ensure that they are properly inflated before spring arrives. Replacing winter tires with summer ones is usually recommended when the average daily temperature exceeds 7°C.

 ·    Check the wiper blades: Another important thing is to get your wipers replaced before spring for better visibility and to reduce the risk of accidents during the rainy months. Many producers recommend replacing wiper blades twice a year before the spring and winter seasons. Replacing the wipers is very simple, you can do this by yourself.

  • Checking the air filter:Since springs make the air filter more prone to debris accumulation, checking them and replacing them if needed is important. A clean air filter enhances performance and fuel efficiency, ensuring that your engine works optimally as the temperature rises.

Vehicle Preparation for Summer:

  • Checking the tyres: One of the most important things to check during the summer months is the tyres. Checking your tyres regularly during summer can help you avoid hydroplaning and fatal tyre blowouts.
  • Checking the air filter:Dust and pollen are prevalent in summer, which can clog the air filter. Hence, regular checks and replacements keep the engine running smoothly and efficiently.
  • Checking the cooling system:Since summer means high temperatures and a humid climate, it is important to ensure that your coolant is at the correct level. Moreover, your radiator and cooling system should be flushed before the peak summers arrive.

Your Ultimate Guide to Seasonal Vehicle Preparation (2)

Vehicle Preparation for Fall:

  • Tyre tread and pressure: Check the depth of the tread to avoid accidents on wet and slippery roads and the pressure of the tyre to ensure the vehicle runs optimally as the temperature drops.
  • Check your Battery: As the colder months arrive, you must also check the health of your battery to inspect if it needs replacement. When it’s time to replace the battery? Some drivers pefer to prevent by changing the battery regularly, others wait until the last moment. The standard battery life is usually estimated from 3 to even 6 years with proper maintenance.
  • Inspect your Heater:The fall season is the time to check your heater and ensure that it is functioning optimally. The car heating is not complicated, but servising it is certainly expensive and time-consuming.

Vehicle Preparation for Winter:

  • Tyre Maintenance:Driving without  special precautions during winter  can be risky. Hence, it is best to switch to winter tyres if you live in an area with heavy snowfall. Moreover, the pressure should be checked as frequently as possible as the temperature drops. It is worth  investing in good quality winter tires that will give you a maximum safety on the road.
  • Battery: Cold weather can be harsh on batteries. Therefore, ensure that it is in good condition and fully charged.
  • Air Filter:Winter air contains a lot of dirt, even though it may not be visible to our eyes. As a safe practice, check your air filters regularly and replace them if needed during the winter.


With the change in the seasons, your vehicle’s needs and demands also change. As a vehicle owner, the first thing that you must consider is the tyres. Check if they are properly inflated and the tread depth is optimal. Along with that, owners must also see whether their air filter is working properly to ensure fuel efficiency and optimise engine performance. By taking into consideration the points mentioned above, one can make their vehicle run smoothly in every season.

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