Helpful Tips To Stay Safe During A Blizzard


It’s the most wonderful time of the year, but is it always so picturesque? Winter storms and blizzards are the reasons why many may not agree. It can cause serious damage to property, nature, and people. Some places more than others can expect these weather conditions and people are usually prepared for it. However, with climate change and unpredictable weather, it is time for everybody to learn safety, disaster prevention, and emergency preparedness. Never underestimate the power of a blizzard. It may start lightly but in several hours, it can turn into a severe danger for you and your family. Go through the following tips before the possibility of extreme weather occurs.

Prepare Your Family

Make sure you have a plan if there is a warning for an upcoming winter storm. Know your roles and who is in charge of what. Discuss different outcomes and what your plan would be for each possibility. Understand that you shouldn’t panic because fear will interfere with your decision-making. Don’t let emotions interfere when you have to act quickly and rationally. 

Prepare warm clothes for your family if there is no heating. This is most likely to happen, so put on winter clothes and don’t forget to keep your head and hands warm. Also, if you can’t get outside due to snow covering your only exit, always have your food and water stocked up. Rely on food that doesn’t have to be in the fridge since power outage is another problem during blizzards. Focus on protein-packed food to keep your energy levels up.

If you or a family member takes medications daily, double-check your supply, and have enough to last you for weeks. You never know how long it will take to clean the roads for you to go to the pharmacy. Chronic diseases such as diabetes or high blood pressure require daily medication and it should not be taken lightly. Having a certification in CPR and First Aid is invaluable if someone is experiencing a medical emergency and the paramedics are stuck on the road. With proper training, you can change the course of action and save lives.

Prepare Your Home

Consider insulating your walls if you live in a house and you are constantly exposed to all weather conditions the whole year. Adding layers to your walls and windows prevents the indoor heat from coming out and also reduces your heating bills. Attics and basements are also a big issue so take a look if there are any small cracks where cold air can enter. Put blankets and towels where you feel it’s needed. Also, turn off the heating in rooms where you’re not staying. Unfortunately, you should always be prepared to go with no heating or power. It is a common accident during blizzards. Besides putting on warm clothes, have candles, matches, and battery-charged equipment ready. If you have a fireplace, put it to good use in these situations. Check ventilation and prepare firewood. You never know how long you will be out of heating. 

If You Are On The Road

A blizzard can happen fast without you realizing the dangers of traveling at that moment. Firstly, if you have the time, check the weather reports and decide if it’s a good idea to leave. You may get home safe but there is an equal possibility of being stuck on the road. With hectic winter storms, it is much more difficult to recognize anything around you so you may get lost. This is why your phone should be fully charged to call someone for help. Keep the gas tank full to use the heating and the tank doesn’t freeze. Invest in good winter tires and preferably chains to add to them. With used up tires, the road gets slippery and dangerous leading to car accidents. 

Wear dry and warm clothes and protect your face from the cold air. Have woolen socks and gloves to prevent frostbite. When you are outside or even sitting in your car, you are more susceptible to hypothermia. Move your body as much as possible to keep warm. Move your fingers and toes, roll your shoulders and stretch your body. All these small movements maintain consistent blood flow throughout the body. 

The Takeaway

When you find yourself in harsh weather conditions, you should stay calm and check if you have done everything in your ability to make you and your family safe. Make your emergency preparedness plan writing down all top priority tasks to cover before, during, and after the blizzard. Knowing you have everything planned makes all safety measures less stressful. Involve other family members in the process so you don’t lose time during emergencies. Delegating tasks to your family takes off the burden from you. Stay focused and you’ll do much better.


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