6 Tips to Make Your Dog Feel Safe at Home

10 Tips to Make Your Dog Feel Safe at Home main

For most dog owners, their pooch is as much a part of their family as any person in the household – and like humans, dogs need to feel safe and secure in their living spaces. This is why adding a grass pad for dogs can be a great idea, providing a comfortable and familiar spot for them indoors or on a balcony.

Of course, a dog isn’t a human – it needs its own rules and boundaries – and some dogs adapt better to home living than others, but there are still plenty of things you can do to make sure your pet dog is as calm and relaxed at home as can be. And remember, a happy dog is a well-behaved dog…

Smell Well

Dogs are sensory animals – and their sense of smell is 40-times more powerful than a human. Therefore, what they smell and become familiar with can go a long way to providing a calm environment for them. Lavender and chamomile are proven to calm anxious pups, but coconut, ginger and other scents can also work.

Noise Annoys

Similarly, a dog’s sense of hearing is on a different plain to human hearing. They hear much higher-frequency sounds and are much more sensitive to sound than us. For example, a sound that might become audible to humans at 20-feet away can be heard by dogs 80-feet away. Therefore, irregular outside noise can make pets nervous and jumpy. Try playing quiet white noise – there are even apps out there that help you do this – it will fill the noise gaps and make sudden bangs less shocking.

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Picture Fixture

Anyone who has a pooch will know how fascinated they are by images of other dogs on the TV or in picture frames – so strategically placing pet portraits around the home is a great way to help them feel more at home. There are some exceptional dog portraits at WonderStreet – what better way to show your love and also to have something to keep forever? It’s as simple as providing a photo of your dog and their artists will work with it to create you a handpainted portrait of your pet. You even get to choose the artist and style of painting from the company’s roster.

Ace Space

Even dogs need me time. Setting up a special place where your dog is allowed to relax and sleep is an essential part of the settling process for your pooch. It can be trial and error getting this right, but some things are universally important – easy in and out access, a comfort toy or blanket inside the area and keep it away from drafts and loud noises. But not just any old toy will do. Toys that your dog can destroy in minutes aren’t going to keep him or her happy for very long. So what’s a responsible pet owner to do? Look for sustainable dog toys that are made from materials that won’t easily wear down or damage.

Smile Style

Dogs are closely attuned to their masters’ emotions and expressions. Don’t expect your dog to behave if you don’t! Your emotional wellbeing is often linked to your pet’s happiness and overall sense of calmness. Try to remain calm and assured around your dog – they can pick up on even slight signs of stress – and remember to keep your voice tone gentle and friendly where possible.

Fine Line

A dog needs to know where its boundaries are in much the same way that a child does. If you don’t want your dog to climb on the sofa, or scratch at the carpet, be calm, assertive and persistent – and don’t over punish it. Eventually it will learn the rules. After all, no dog wants to be constantly admonished. Once boundaries are established most dogs will happily abide by them and ‘know their place’.


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