Dog Training Methods That You Should Try

Dog Training Methods That You Should Try main

Have you just bought your very first pup home and have no idea how to train it? Do you want to train your dog in the best way possible to get the best results but don’t know where to start?

Dog training is important for all dog owners. Training your dog helps to establish a better relationship with your pet and can even make them feel more relaxed in new situations. Positive reinforcement, such as treats or praise, are the most effective way to train a dog.

While learning doesn’t depend on breed but individual’s dog personality, it is still important to consider which breeds are more difficult to train. Breeders, like ABCs Puppy Zs, often provide information and training advice on their websites, so make sure to check it out. The goal of these training methods is not to punish bad behavior but instead to teach good behaviors by rewarding the desired action. Dogs are very intelligent and using the correct methods when training will give you the results you need, without creating anxiety within your dog, and help to avoid unnecessary frustration. Below is a list of dog training methods that you should try.

Clicker Training

Clicker training is one of the most common methods of dog training around. It is most often used by professional trainers and is not even just used for dogs. Essentially what clicker training is, is training with a device that makes a clicking sound.

The idea behind this is similar to that of positive reinforcement, and the sharp quick noise that the clicker makes is used when the dog does the desired behavior. There are many different advantages t clicker training, including the fact that the clicker can signal the instant moment when the behavior is finished, which is an instantaneous reward for the dog.

This makes training a lot easier and faster for both the dog and the trainer as the rewards are instantaneous. Something to note is that this kind of training should be used in conjunction with other kinds if you are trying to curb bad behavior.


This method of training is also known as mirror training and essentially it is relying on the dog learning by observing another dog. While this may seem strange it is incredibly beneficial. The concept behind this kind of training is that you provide a model of good behavior, or also considered a rival, and your dog will begin to learn to mimic these good behaviors.

This can be done by the trainer getting the help of another human and scolding them for wrongdoings while praising them for good behavior. Mirror training and model rival training are very similar in how they are rolled out except for the fact that mirror training makes use of another dog as the model while model-rival training makes use of a human.

Dog Training Methods That You Should Try

Positive Reinforcement

Positive reinforcement is by far one of the most popular dog training methods among owners and trainers alike. It has proven to be one of the most effective methods, especially when done repetitively. The idea behind this kind of training is that dogs will repeat good behaviors when it is rewarded with something positive.

Whether it is a treat, a toy, love, or cuddles, choosing the reward for your dog is based on what they like the most and what will be most enticing to them. By rewarding their desired behavior, they are more likely to repeat it.


Relationship-based training is something that is less heard of but still something effective when it comes to training your dog. This kind of training is a combination of different methods of training but places a heavy focus on the relationship between the dog and the owner based on what they like.

This is a great training method to use if you are trying to foster a more tightknit bond with your pup. It allows you to learn their body language and even reward them with something that is motivating. There is plenty to learn about this kind of training and it will be different for each individual.

Scientific Training

The idea of science-based training is incredibly broad and it can be particularly difficult to pinpoint exactly what it might be. However, the concept of this training is to make use of ever-evolving research to figure out what is most effective when it comes to communicating with dogs.

Trainers are constantly reviewing new research done on this kind of communication as it can improve their training process and even help them have a better understanding of dogs and their body language. Science is ever-changing, and this can be seen as a bonus in this case.


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