Great Tips For Wearing Streetwear

Great Tips For Wearing Streetwear main

The very first streetwear brands started popping up in California around the ’80s. It was during this time that a lot of surfers started screenprinting graphics on t-shirts to promote their surfboards. It was originally inspired by the various street styles of popular skateboarders and surfers in the area. Also, hip hop played a big role in this. From there, little skateboarding shops started popping up all over and producing their shirts through the ’90s.

It was in the 2000s when the sneaker culture started gaining traction and merging with streetwear. Throughout this era, you would find ‘hypebeasts’ pairing their favorite graphic tee shirts and in-demand sneakers. That’s when a bunch of brands started working together on projects.

It was in 2010 when luxury streetwear became a thing. During this time, younger people and influencers started to make streetwear increasingly prominent in the pop culture scene and the fashion industry started to take notice. This is when a lot of the popular brands wanted in on the action.

Four Unique Characteristics Of Streetwear Style:

1. Comfort

Streetwear is all about comfort. This is why you will find the majority of streetwear clothing to be casual and athleisure varieties. You will find a lot of brands stick to making clothing that can be comfortably skated in. If it cannot be used for skating, it’s likely not streetwear.

2. Scarcity

Another element of streetwear is scarcity. Being a hype beast is all about having items that aren’t easily accessible or available to the general population. Not only does this drive up the price of the items, but it also increases the desirability of various brands. This is very similar to designer brands and their limited releases. However, streetwear is much more accessible than those prices.

3. Menswear Styles

A lot of different streetwear appeals to all genders. However, it was originally tied to menswear. Therefore, you will find the majority of items being something you would find men wearing whether it be varsity jackets or workwear.

Great Tips For Wearing Streetwear

4. Contemporary Art

Believe it or not, you will find a lot of contemporary art inspiration in streetwear. A lot of the graphic tees and accessories borrow from contemporary art for their designs. Sometimes these are direct and sanctioned collaborations with the artists and sometimes they aren’t.

Tips For Styling:

One of the biggest parts of being in the streetwear culture is buying and selling the various limited-edition releases. While it’s not something that’s entirely accessible to everyone, there are a lot of different ways to get streetwear pieces into your wardrobe.

1. Investing In Sneakers

One of the easiest ways to get into the streetwear game is by investing in sneakers. Believe it or not, limited-edition releases can give you great returns. Sneakers tend to be the most expensive part about being a hype beast. Therefore, if you are looking to get more out of your streetwear look and potentially use the money to get future pieces, get some expensive and limited-edition sneakers.

2. Use Proportions Wisely

You need to ensure you are messing with proportions when you’re styling yourself. You want to break the rules of proportion to get the most out of all of your looks. A popular way to do this is by pairing oversized sweatshirts or shirts with tailored denim or find the best sweatpants to fit you and pair with a tighter fitting top or cropped boxy T Shirt.

3. Be Yourself and Expressive

Streetwear is all about being yourself. While there are rules that you may want to stick to, it’s one of the more expressive cultures out there. You can do things that you couldn’t with other styles. Don’t be afraid to express yourself by throwing things together that wouldn’t traditionally go together. You may find yourself starting a new trend before you know it.


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