Six Things to Consider Before Buying a Motorcycle

Six Things to Consider Before Buying a Motorcycle main

If you’re looking for a motorcycle to buy, congratulations! No matter how exciting this is for you, it’s essential to take your time and only buy a motorcycle when you’re absolutely positive that the one you’ve chosen is ideal for you. Rather than being an impulsive buyer, you should instead pay attention to certain aspects such as its ergonomics, style, price, and more, to determine your ideal motorcycle. After all, not each motorcycle will suit everyone’s needs. That’s why we asked the experts and came up with the top six things to consider before buying a motorcycle, just for our readers.

Choose The Suitable Style

Firstly, you’ll need to consider how experienced you are, how and where you plan to use your motorcycle, maintenance cost, and such. Based on those details, you’ll then need to choose the suitable style of your motorcycle, because they come in all shapes and sizes, and for various needs. For instance, even though the racing motorcycles might seem incredible, they won’t do you much good if you’re looking for a, say, a motorcycle for daily commuting to your workplace.

New or Used?

Both new and used motorcycles have their advantages and disadvantages. New bikes are more reliable, they come with a warranty, they have the latest features and you can get a special financing deal on them. On the other hand, used bikes are far less expensive, and are perfect for rookies who are at more risk of damaging the motorcycle. Frankly, there is no right answer to the question of whether you should buy a new or used motorcycle, as it all comes to personal preference.

Investing In Top Quality Gear

Unlike buying a car, you’ll need to consider the gear when buying a motorcycle as well, and allocate the budget to top-quality gear. At the bare minimum, you’ll need a helmet, jacket, riding boots, riding gloves, and riding pants. If you can’t afford these essentials, it’s better to wait until you save more money. Safety should always be a number one priority when riding, and trying to save on gear can lead to terrible outcomes.

Six Things to Consider Before Buying a Motorcycle

Maintenance Costs

When buying a motorcycle, you’ll need to be aware of the maintenance costs too. That means both intended and unexpected, which can get more costly the more you ride your motorcycle. Over time, your parts will certainly deteriorate and will require repairs or replacements, and that’s why it’s important to have an allocated budget for this specifically.

Size Does Matter

The last thing you’d want is to buy a motorcycle that feels uncomfortable and confined because it’s too undersized for you. That’s why it’s crucial to always try a bike before buying, just like you would try an outfit, to determine if it suits you. Additionally, your new bike shouldn’t feel too heavy or you’ll have a hard time balancing and steering at lower speeds, which is something you’d want to avoid as well. Pay attention to the engine size as well. Engine sizes range from 50 CC to 1,500 CC, and the most perfect engine sizes for novices range from 250 – 300 CC. Buying a too powerful motorcycle will put you and other drivers at risk, so choose a less powerful bike and gradually move on to something more powerful.


Many riders overlook the importance of a motorcycle insurance policy, but it’s a great thing to have especially if you’re a beginner. Most auto insurance companies have insurance policies for motorcycles as well, and they cover nearly the same things that car policies do. As a biker, you’ll be constantly exposed to all sorts of dangers on the road, even more so than while driving a car. With insurance, you’ll certainly have fewer things to worry about in case of accidents.


Buying a motorcycle is a big investment, and before doing so, you need to consider the factors we mentioned above thoroughly before you make your final decision. If you follow our pieces of advice, you’ll certainly avoid making any potential buying mistakes and your new bike won’t disappoint you. Make sure to research the market and do a test ride before making a purchase, because once you do, you’ll probably be stuck with that bike for years.


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