Did Wallet Chains Make a Come Back? These Celebs are Rocking Them

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In 2016, the American stylist and journalist Nico Amarca stated that it was time to start wearing wallet chains again. The street-style gurus heeded his calls, and this controversial accessory started being seen at the catwalks. After a couple of seasons, the stir died down though. After all, in the middle of the decade, nostalgia for the 2000s, when chains were an integral part of a tough guy image, was not particularly strong. But now, at the start of 2020, the teenagers who grew up with Linkin Park and Justin Timberlake music began to take advantage of the fashion their idols were into.

Wallet chains occurred in a men’s wardrobe long before flip phones. In fact, they became a symbol of several decades at once. In the 1950s, bikers used this accessory exclusively for utilitarian purposes so as not to lose their wallet while riding a motorcycle. For the 1980s punks, the fixture also came in handy – the chain still protected against pickpocketing. A grunge rocker of the 1990s is hard to imagine without any metal accessories – spiked bracelets and necklaces side-by-side with wallet chains.

All in all, different subcultures, from Goths to skinheads, benefited from the wallet chain’s badass attitude. But, of course, for us, the freshest memories come from the 2000s, when wallet chains took a little from each era and added some rhinestones to the mix. So, we carefully looked at the modern-day heartthrobs who flaunt chains and tried to guess whose images inspired them.

Liam Payne – draws inspiration in from Justin Timberlake

Both Liam and Justin are not trying to pretend to be someone else. We almost believed that they use chains for their intended purpose – so as not to become victims of pickpockets. In 2003, Timberlake was already a superstar, and Payne was knee-high to a grasshopper. However, it seems like Justin became an inspiration for the ex-One Direction member. Liam doesn’t particularly like hats, which were the staples of Justin’s wardrobe back then, but the combination of brown pants with a chain on the belt turned out to be relevant even 16 years later.

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Timothy Chalamet – inspired by Madonna

Here is the proof that Timothy Chalamet considers himself a real diva. The actor is not yet ready to test the boundaries of the new masculinity and try on the legendary sconce created by Jean-Paul Gaultier. He prefers the classic looks, for example, Alexander McQueen’s suit adorned with wide white strips. A chain in an ensemble of trousers and a vest is something you can expect to see, but it is normally attached to a pocket watch. Timothy decided to go with a full-fledged wallet chain, just like his idol Ms. Ciccone in 2012.

Machine Gun Kelly borrows ideas from Ne-Yo

Modern teens know exactly who Machine Gun Kelly is, but they hardly have any reminiscence of Ne-Yo. However, those who can already legally buy alcohol have probably danced to Because of You at school proms. There is little in common between the musicians: neither their creative style nor the success of their career can be compared (Ne-Yo mainly writes music for other artists). The only thing that unites the guys is love for white wife-beaters and chains hanging from their belts. Eminem may have influenced Colson Baker to be who he is now but style-wise, he draws ideas for different sources.

Johnny Depp… Dresses just like Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp might have found himself at the centre of a few scandals, but what Depp cannot be blamed for is inconsistency. Look for yourself – he sported a goatee, tousled hair, glasses, an oversized suit, a signet, and a chain sticking out from under his belt in 2006. Now it is 2020 and what do we see? A goatee, tousled hair, glasses, and all that jazz.

Wallet Chains to Look like a Celeb

You don’t have to be a superstar to rock a wallet chain. Actually, it is always a good occasion to make your look complete with a stylish accessory. You just need to know how to put together an elegant look. Otherwise, your image might look sloppy and outdated. Just take a glance at the heroes of this post – none of them have chosen an ostentatious gangster rap image. Vice versa, they prefer elegant ensembles and a wallet chain fitted in absolutely organically.

So, make a list of the things you need – a simplistic, not too long, not too short silver or steel chain, a modish wallet to attach it to, and an elegant suit or fashionable streetwear – and you are ready to go!


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