The Basics of Pairing Accessories With Your Clothing

The Basics of Pairing Accessories With Your Clothing (1)

Pairing accessories with your clothing is one of the best ways to elevate your outfit and squeeze a bit more style out of your everyday wear. Even if the clothes you wear are relatively plain and simple, you can get a lot more mileage out of them by mixing and matching different kinds of accessories, and layering them to create a more complete outfit.

So without further ado, here are some of the basics of pairing accessories with your clothing.

Choosing based on the occasion

Accessories, much like our clothes, can exude different styles and feelings based on their designs. For instance, unique hoops and earrings from a piercing shop might differ a lot in design and feel when compared to scarves and hats.

Piercings in certain areas, such as the nose or your lip, might feel more rebellious in nature and wouldn’t fit well in a formal setting. However, fancy hoop earrings and studs may be more appropriate for a professional meeting or ballroom dance.

In short, it’s best to pair your accessories with clothes that follow a similar theme.

Matching metals with your clothing colours

Coordinating colours and metals can be a great way to create a more cohesive and comprehensive look for your outfit. Pretty much every kind of metal has some colour, whether it’s the cool neutral look of silver to the glimmering yellow of gold.

Pairing these with outfits of a similar or complementary colour can make the outfit look more defined and visually interesting. Using clashing colours can work too, but it’s much harder to pull off because it tries to pay attention to various different parts of your outfit, making it hard to follow and often distracting.

The Basics of Pairing Accessories With Your Clothing (2)

Choosing a focal point where you want attention to be focused on

Whether you’re wearing a statement piece from a top clothing brand or have a beautiful necklace that you want to show off, it’s a good idea to focus on one focal point instead of several. Drawing attention to too many parts of your outfit is visually distracting, and it’s made worse if you choose colours that clash with each other.

So for example, if you want to highlight an amazing statement piece on your neck, then you should pair it with relatively simple clothes. Similarly, a unique bag should be the main focus of people’s attention, so it should be paired with clean and simple accessories and clothing to help it stand out.

You should ultimately reflect your personal style

Even though there are some guidelines to help you create a cohesive style, what you wear is ultimately down to you and your personal style should be reflected in your clothing and accessory decisions. If you feel comfortable with what you wear, then that’s really all that matters.

However, if you follow these basics, then you’ll have an easier time making decisions and creating something that is aesthetically pleasing to your eyes while also imbuing a sense of personal style that makes it “you”.


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