Wrangler Icons 124MJ Sherpa Jacket – Review

Wrangler Icons 124MJ Sherpa Jacket– Review

By Steve Crabtree, February 2024

It’s that time of year when Spring is just around the corner, but that winter nip is still in the air.  With the temperamental British weather, the wardrobe and outfit decision-making process can be a bit all over the place.

When it comes to outer layers, my wardrobe consists of summer jackets and padded winter coats.  Neither are always appropriate for the mid-January to early April weather, so I decided that I needed something new. Something different. Something like… the Wrangler Icons 124MJ Sherpa Jacket…

Wrangler Icons 124MJ Sherpa Jacket– Review

“Looks the part”

Now, I’m a denim jacket fan and I liked the Icons 124MJ when I saw it on the Wrangler website. So when I placed my order, took delivery of it and opened the package, I was happy.

I don’t usually associate denim jackets with being anything other than lightweight. But you could tell in the unfolding of this one that it was a warmer garment.  A more substantial garment. The thickness of the coat is evident from the first feel, and the Sherpa lining has a real presence about it.

You hold it up, you check it out and it looks the part too.  Even nicer in the flesh than in the photos, with a very traditional, regular cut. A timeless style, with non-stretch denim, in the ranch colour, with copper-tone buttons.

Wrangler Icons 124MJ Sherpa Jacket– Review

“A present-day look”

Putting the jacket on, you feel wrapped up in its thickness as you pull it round. But, you wear it open and it isn’t imposing.  It’s got a good balance in the more medium-weight category than anything else.

It’s got pockets deep enough to bury your hands in, but I’m not sure I’d trust my phone to stay in them if I was walking around the city.

And the stand-out feature of the coat is the Sherpa collar.  You see this kind of collar alot at the moment, and it’s a very contemporary style on similar jackets.  It gives me 70s and 80s vibes but with a present-day look, and from a practical point of view it lets you have the extra little bit of warmth around the neck. Which is a must at this time of year.

That extra bit of warmth extends to everywhere on the Wrangler Icons MJ124 – the sherpa lining doing its job of comfort, coolness and insulation throughout.

What Wrangler Say:

Complete your casual wardrobe with the essential, regular-fit Wrangler denim sherpa jacket. Crafted from rigid non-stretch denim with a sherpa lining, this timeless regular-fit denim jacket is finished in dark blue with western detailing like rounded flap pockets, angled hip pockets, zig-zag stitching and an Action Back construction to enhance movement and comfortability.

Wrangler Icons live forever.

Wrangler Icons 124MJ Sherpa Jacket– Review

The Verdict

Well, in the couple of weeks since I’ve been wearing this jacket, it’s had many an outing.  Out for beers with friends (sat outside under heaters), round the park with the wife, to see friends and family, and more.

Friends like it. Many grab it for a feel and like the thickness, others just love the collar. And it’s definitely been the perfect choice of jacket to wear in this between winter and spring. Oh, not forgetting that Wrangler ‘W’ stitching on the breast pockets.

Among other clothes, I’ve been wearing it with a lightweight grey sweatshirt, navy chinos and smart white trainers and I really like that look. The feel of the coat is great, and there’s nothing I’m not happy about with this piece.

Ordering the Wrangler Icons 124MJ Sherpa Jacket has certainly been one of this year’s great decisions.

The Wrangler Icons 124MJ Sherpa Jacket is available from eu.wrangler.com, priced at £130.


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