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by Paul Howard

This is Eggland is the fifth album in ten years from Lancaster’s The Lovely Eggs, aka warped indie rock duo Holly Ross (vocals/guitar) and David Blackwell, (drums).

The band make one enormous DIY row. Primitive guitars thrash, yet melodies are many and surreal wit frequent. Holly sings as usual in her broad Lancashire accent, coming on more than ever like the version of Mark E. Smith that you’d actually like to meet. Loud and messy, their influences are worn on their sleeves; from The Ramones to Sonic Youth through to The Fall. Yet they make a noise that’s wholly their own.

Their songs come with perfect pop tunes too. They embody the spirit of loud lo-fi; clattering, challenging, yet a charming racket. They’re about mostly everyday reality; songs about food, people and the seaside. There’s witchcraft included this time around too.

“Psych-rock meets motorik”

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The Lovely Eggs

This 39 minute outing is probably the most grungy and relentless they’ve ever been on one record, sounding, in Holly’s own words: “Like a chip shop on fire”.

Kicking off with ‘Hello, I Am Your Sun’, where psych-rock meets motorik, this synchs straight into the thrashy excellent new single, ‘Wiggy Giggy’. Meanwhile, live fan-favourite ‘Dickhead’ comes on like The Glitter Band on speed.

‘Big Sea’ is the highlight; it has the most gorgeous melody written this decade, guaranteed to put a washing-line smile on anybody’s face. Put it on repeat and sing along. Now go and start a band to cover it.

this is eggland lovely eggs album review cover“Welcome antidote”

While there’s never quite the wordplay and imagery here of their previous Don’t Look At Me (I Don’t Like it), this album more than makes up for it with an energy level and humour that never fails.

It’s fun. Isn’t that what real rock ’n’ roll should be? If you don’t know The Lovely Eggs yet, then This Is Eggland is a good place to start. Existing fans won’t be disappointed either. It’s a welcome antidote to the over-polished pop music that rules the airwaves.

Catch them live at Leeds Brudenell, on February 9. A fun, sweaty Friday night racket is guaranteed. Just don’t expect any predictably fake encores.


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