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By Kirsty Reid

I’ve never really been one for wearing lots of make-up, preferring instead to opt for the natural look. That said, I do like to experiment ahead of a big night out, or perhaps treat myself to a new lippy or bronzer.

With so many products on the market, though, it’s difficult to know what to buy to create the perfect look. This where Sophie Beresiner, beauty and style director at Buro, and Lisa Potter-Dixon, make-up artist and podcast host, step in.

With their no-nonsense approach, the pair share tips for everyday make-up – taking you from a day at the office to a night on the tiles.

Split into four sections – The Basics, For The Good Times, The Disruptors and The Out-Of-Office – Back Chat Beauty focuses on the effects and appearance of your skin, with solutions to help you find a routine that works for you.

The Basics is pretty self-explanatory, after all good make-up starts with good foundations, right? Kicking off with advice on how to choose the right base – from shades to suit your skin tone to choosing your finish – the section features ample key beauty essentials, such as covering blemishes and mapping your brows.

Back Chat Beauty Sophie Beresiner Lisa Potter-Dixon Book Review coverFor me, a good lippy is a must and Back Chat Beauty has a great guide for taking care of your lips, followed by advice on choosing the right colour (apparently I suit red with a coral base).

“Focuses on every day situations”

For The Good Times covers everything from date nights and weddings to work and giving birth – yep, honestly! Mums-to-be might have accepted that their routine will go out the window, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be time for a little bit of pampering, whether it’s topping up your fake tan or treating yourself to a facial.

The Disruptors is by far the best section in the book. Focusing on the things that can play havoc with your life (hi there, hormones!) and, of course, your face.

With helpful tips on how to look after your skin before, during and after your period, as well as how to look fresh with a hangover and post-crying (whether they’re tears of joy or sadness).

Rarely, if ever, does a beauty guide take into account situations that mess with your make-up and that’s what makes this book so very real. It’s not about nailing the look you’ve seen in a magazine or on social media, instead it focuses on every day situations.

Last, but by no means least, The Out-Of-Office chapter covers chill days and jet-setting adventures. With plenty of pre-holiday tips (waxing, pedicures and spray tans), plus advice on what to pack and how to stay safe and fresh in the sun.

Though they’re not looking to endorse products, Beresiner and Lisa Potter-Dixon’s beauty guide come with a handy resources section, which lists places to shop along with what products to buy in order to achieve the looks they’ve shared.

Packed with anecdotes and snippets of conversations between the knowledgeable duo, Back Chat Beauty is fresh and original – a beauty bible offering real advice on real life looks.

‘Back Chat Beauty’ by Sophie Beresiner Lisa Potter-Dixon is published by Pavilion, £13.99 hardback


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