Eh Up: What Makes Yorkshire a Gambling Hotspot?

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If you’ve ever fancied a tipple in Yorkshire, you’ll know that it isn’t hard to find a casino or betting shop. Indeed, the data proves that Yorkshire as a whole has the greatest levels of gambling. As far back as 2016, the county was a hotspot for bettors since 61% of people wagered online or offline. Only the North East could compete.

The trend has only continued in the five years since, ensuring Yorkshire has cemented its place as the capital of gambling in the UK. After all, White Rose country has several features that make it ideal for the industry.

Average Internet Speeds

Nowadays, the internet is essential for gamblers because the online wagering industry is booming. Not only can you play from the comfort of your home, but the level of technology, such as live casino services, means it feels as if you’re on the casino floor. Plus, the added value available via operators with websites and apps is unheard of because easily accessible casino promo codes will tap into a market of freebies, from no-deposit matches to standard deposit matches, free bets, and cashback. The internet is where the future of the industry lies. Sites such as this offer reviews to help curate the experience for players.

Quality infrastructure is critical for companies and customers as, without it, it’s almost impossible to enjoy the rewards on offer. Nobody wants to play live poker if their connection is glitchy and lags all the time. In Yorkshire, this isn’t an issue because the highest speed range bracket is around 115Mbps. That’s in Harrogate, a well-connected town with a flourishing economy that is closely tied to the digital world. Still, the rest of North Yorkshire, where parts of the county are very remote, isn’t far behind.

What Makes Yorkshire a Hotspot internet

The best example is Malton. Malton is more off the beaten track as far as Harrogate is concerned, yet it boasts the quickest median speed of 64.06 Mbps in North Yorkshire. If residents of the Yorkshire Dales are as connected as the likes of Leeds and Sheffield, then it’s not surprising that more people are online and spending part of their time gambling.

The Different Types of Gambling

Gambling can take many forms. While it’s true that the National Lottery is by far the most popular throughout the UK, it isn’t the only option. As any true Yorkie knows too well, there is everything from casinos to football pools and horse racing betting if you’re inclined. For example, sports and horse racing bets, along with bingo, make up more than 10% of what Britons spend money on within the industry.

The National Lottery isn’t more accessible – hence the name – but the other betting types can be more frequent in different areas. Yorkshire has a high rate of betting shops, which is unusual because bookmakers are moving online. Also, Yorkshire’s population is nearing ten million, with over 50% of people classified as males. Men are more likely to gamble than women.

When you combine these features with the high levels of disposable income in Yorkshire, as well as the tourism rates, you can see why the county has become a staple of the UK gambling sector.


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