Five Bands from Yorkshire it’s Worth Discovering

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One thing that doesn’t suffer from any location-based tribalism is music. If you like a band, or a group, or an artist – it doesn’t matter where they’re from, you like them. It’s just how it is.

Yorkshire has given the world some great music. Bands like Arctic Monkeys, Def Leppard and Kaiser Chiefs hail from our county, and they all have a worldwide fanbase.

So sit back, take a break from the daily job, whether you’re working from home, checking out your cryptos via Bitcoin X and discovering their prices at a bitcoin profit review or simply taking time out from the kids, here are a few more of Yorkshire’s very own groups and bands, who have made it to the very top in music.

Shed Seven

York’s very own Shed Seven came to prominence back in the mid-90s, as part of the baggie indie-come-britpop culture. Originally a four piece, early hits like ‘Going For Gold’ and ‘Chasing Rainbows’ became anthems to an army of loyal fans, who still follow them to this day. ‘Bully Boy’ and ‘Disco Down’ were big hits for them too, and after a brief split, they got on the road again do rattle out the hits that fans loved. In 2017, they released their first new album for 16 years called ‘Instant Pleasures’. A solid record which instantly became a hit, with front man Rick Witter declaring it the best work they’ve ever done.


The 80s bred many talented bands, creating pop music that would live on timelessly. Often defined as a ‘cheesy’ era, many of the groups of that time sliced right through the said cheese, and when you see and hear them perform today you see why they made it back then. Great voices, great tracks, talented writers. Sheffield’s ABC fall right into that, and back in the day their first album Lexicon Of Love shot to the top of the album chart in 1981. That spawned hits such as ‘Poisoned Arrow’, ‘The Look Of Love’ and ‘All Of My Heart’. The current working of ABC is still fronted by Martin Fry, and they sound as good as they always did.

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image: Andrew Whitton 2021

Soft Cell

Fronted by Marc Almond and David Ball, Soft Cell are a synth-pop outfit who were at the top of the charts during the early 80s. Although neither men were born in Yorkshire, they met at Leeds Polytechnic, which is where Soft Cell were formed. 40 years on from the release of their biggest hit ‘Tainted Love’, the record still gets plenty of air time, and people of all ages instantly recognise it. Emotive song ‘Say Hello, Wave Goodbye’ is a firm favourite with fans, who have been lucky enough to see them again since they reformed in 2018.


There’s a tussle between Bradford and Halifax as to who ‘owns’ Embrace. Hailing from Wyke, attending Hipperholme Grammar School, and formed in Bailiff Bridge (which is Brighouse!) they’re kind of slap-bang in the middle of everywhere. But if you speak to the band they’re probably going to tell you that they’re a Halifax thing. Indie fans love Embrace, and their debut album The Good Will Out is probably their most notable work. ‘All You Good Good People’ and ‘Come Back To What You Know’ the hits from that record that people remember them for.


Where to start with this lot? Pulp had incredible commercial success in 1995 when Different Class was released. The music scene went crazy for ‘Disco 2000’ and ‘Common People’ – whether you were listening to the radio, watching MTV or even in a nightclub. But Jarvis Cocker’s Sheffield band go back way further than that – forming in 1978. In 1981 they sent John Peel a tape of their work, and he gave them a Peel Session, which got them firmly on record producer’s radars, signing with Rhino Records in 1983. But it’d be 1994 when they were signed to Island Records that Pulp’s abilities began to really shine. They released His n Hers that year, and ‘Babies’, ‘Do You Remember The First Time’ and ‘Lipgloss’ meant that Pulp had finally arrived. One of Yorkshire music’s greatest exports, you can’t help but like their work when you hear it.

Which Yorkshire bands make your top five?


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