Playhouse Connect Initiative Allows Leeds Artists Use of Free Theatre Space

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Leeds Playhouse has announced the use of free theatre space for local artists in Leeds.

The Playhouse will offer new theatre space, the Bramall Rock Void, for exclusive use for artists and companies.  They will also receive guaranteed technical support, in a bid to help in the recovery of the cultural sector.

An initiative called Playhouse Connect is the reason the take over of the studio space is being offered.  The initiative is an ongoing response to the pandemic aimed at aiding recovery within the City. And members of the Playhouse team are excited by the idea.

During the last challenging year, Leeds Playhouse has continued to communicate with the wider community through Playhouse Connect. And it’s engaged with over 12,000 people via multiple creative projects.

James Brining is the Leeds Playhouse Artistic Director. He said: “The Playhouse is a community resource used by many different people throughout the year. We’re very conscious that throughout the pandemic, despite the brilliant work we have undertaken engaging with vulnerable and isolated people through our Playhouse Connect programme; apart from 5 weeks in the autumn, the building itself has been underused. I’m delighted that we have put the safety protocols in place to open up the Bramall Rock Void to local independent artists and companies to use to develop their work. The offer includes access to the time and expertise of some of the Playhouse’s technical staff. And I hope that this will provide a valuable opportunity at this most challenging time for freelance artists and companies.”

“We are delighted to have created this opportunity”

Leeds Playhouse Associate Director is Amy Leach. She told us: “One of the things we’ve missed most during this last year is seeing the Playhouse building being used by locally rooted artists to meet, make and create. We are delighted to have created this opportunity to safely welcome a diverse range of professional artists into the Playhouse building to make use of the resources and expertise that it contains. We can’t wait to connect with all the brilliant artistic work being created despite the many challenges of this time.”

For artists interested in weeks in March & April only, the deadline is Monday 8 March at 10am. And for artists interested in weeks from April through to July, the deadline is Monday 22 March at 10am.

For more information on the current projects available and additional opportunities to come including how to book visit the Leeds Playhouse website


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