Top Streaming Tips to Boost Your Binge-Watching Experience

Top Streaming Tips to Boost Your Binge-Watching Experience

During the COVID-19 pandemic, people had free time in hand and so much negativity around, making Netflix the ideal platform to turn to. There are many upcoming series on different television channels like HBO, Netflix, Amazon prime plus, Apple, and much more that you can start streaming right away!

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Below are some of the many ways you can improve your binge-watching experience.

1. Upgrade the screen you are watching

First of all, if you are watching on a smartphone screen or a laptop or small size screen with low resolution, change it preferably with a home theatre with 4k resolution or a television with a large screen.

It will make binge-watching a less tiring and more enjoyable experience because the larger the screen and the higher the resolution, the less stress it takes on your eyes. Binge-watching is supposed to be fun and relaxing, not an assault on your eyes.

2. Find a comfortable spot before start watching

Before you start binge-watching, find a comfortable seat like a sofa or your Favorite chair and grab some cushions or pillows. Wear a comfortable dress and grab a blanket. Binge-watching shouldn’t be a tedious experience change positions and get all comfy.

3. Arrange for your favourite snacks and drinks

Snacks and beverages are necessary add-ons of any binge-watching session. Get yourself ample drinks and snacks to last you the entire movie/series you’re planning on watching. It is better to avoid louder snacks like chips and have a quieter snack like pizza, but it is based on personal preferences.

4. Get a solid wireless connection

It would help if you had a solid wireless broadband network to avoid video or stream buffering troubles. Waiting for your favourite movie to load so you can finally watch for a minute before it starts buffering again is probably the most annoying thing for anybody. The situation can be avoided by having a solid buffering speed wireless broadband network, which will save you long periods of waiting and make binge-watching a worthy and enjoyable experience like it is supposed to.

Top Streaming Tips to Boost Your Binge-Watching Experience

5. Keep your smartphones far from you during binge-watching

Who doesn’t like to scroll social media while binge-watching our favorite shows? While it is absolutely fine to do so when alone, it would be incredibly rude to be all about your phone when your family and friends are over to enjoy good content with you. If you’re all caught up in your phone while watching something, chances are, you’ll rewind and go back several times to understand the plot better. So, during binge-watching a series, keep your smartphones and other time-consuming devices away, so you can give your undivided attention to the content without missing a crucial part or scene.

6. Don’t forget to take short breaks

Breaks are a very important part of a long night of binge-watching a series or a movie. Short breaks in between episodes in which you can stretch your legs and straighten your back, continuously bending and twisting while lying on the sofa or chair, are extremely important. It is also a good way to relax your eye muscles, continuously working to help you focus on the screen.

It prevents your eyes from the bad effects of blue waves of light emitting from your television screens. During short breaks, you can re-up your snacks and, if needed, can order something. So don’t forget to take a breather during episodes to empty your bladder and make the necessary readjustments.

7. Decide what to watch beforehand

When everything is arranged, and you and your friends cozy up in front of the screen but have no idea of what series or show to watch, you are in trouble. It is a very weird situation that can avoid if you and your partner had decided what to watch beforehand.

So many times, people sit down unprepared, start browsing the options to watch, and get so overwhelmed and tired with the gigantic list of options that they simply give up and end up not watching anything. So, it is good to plan ahead.

If you can tick all of these points mentioned above, chances are, your streaming experience is going to be smooth as butter. So, what are you waiting for? Find your seat in front of a screen, dim your lights, turn down the AC and start binging!


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