6 SEO Strategies Which Could Make Or Break Your Business

6 SEO Strategies Which Could Make Or Break Your Business main

Making sure your business is visible to your audience can benefit your business greatly with an increase in traffic. However, making sure that you are implementing the correct strategy can take time to perfect. To help you get this right, we will be providing you with 6 SEO strategies that can make or break your business.

Link Building

Link building is stronger than ever in 2020 and can-do amazing things for your business but tread with caution. With several link farms out there, one link placed in the wrong place could see your website gain a penalty from Google from having spammy backlinks. Therefore, taking the time to make sure your website only has backlinks to relevant websites can improve the E.A.T score and increase the ranking position of your site within Google

Optimising Blog Content

In addition to building backlinks, creating the perfect blog has become one of the most effective ways to boost E.A.T scores and keep people on your site for longer. However, several elements go into creating the perfect blog post. Whether it is the overall readability or the keywords that you are optimising for, this needs to be thought out beforehand to ensure that you are creating content that is not only readable but optimised to provide the best possible results for your website in terms of ranking positions moving forward.

Re-Designing Your Website

If you have decided to redesign your website as part of an SEO strategy, it is important to make sure that you are building it correctly. You can take optimization and other on-page suggestions from a reputed agency like Cude Design. Not only could a poorly built site affect your rankings, but it can also provide a long term hindrance on your SEO campaign of not done correctly as it will not rank. However, enlisting the help of an SEO agency can benefit you in the long term as they have the expertise and knowledge in both design and SEO to ensure that the website is built correctly. They are also able to build the website and put it live for you, easing the stress of off you as the business owner.

6 SEO Strategies Which Could Make Or Break Your Business tech

Optimising For Voice Search

Voice search has been a crucial part of SEO for many years now with many leading companies expecting searches to be completely by voice in the near future. Though this is still yet to happen, there are several ways that your business can get ahead of the curve and begin optimising. Whether this is through the use of long-tail keywords or optimising content for the featured snippet position, this can all put you ahead of competitors and make sure your website is the chosen response when using voice search.

Design For Mobile First Changes

Mobile-First Indexing has been a huge change in the Google Algorithm over the years and is more important than ever as more and more of us are using mobile devices to search the web. This means that your website could be losing out on a huge amount of traffic if it is not able to adapt to mobile devices. Not only will your bounce rate likely increase, but Google will rank you lower than your competitors that do have a website optimised for mobile use. Therefore, making sure your website is adaptable is hugely important.

Improving Navigation Throughout Your Site

Similarly, to improving the website, there is huge importance in making sure that you have improved the navigation of the website. This will improve SEO as it can reduce the bounce rate whilst making sure that all your content is reachable through the website. Optimised content on orphaned pages can not provide the results you need and is a waste of time. Therefore, making sure everything has a place is the perfect way to boost your SEO over time.

With this in mind, there are several ways that you can benefit from using these strategies provided that they are implemented correctly. Which of these SEO strategies will you be trying?


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