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Bathrooms are one of the house spaces that don’t usually get decorated as much as bedrooms or living rooms. This is because they are usually fairly small and most people get worried that adding anything to it will make it look too cluttered. This is not exactly true though – whilst it may be a bit more challenging, there are lots of decoration ideas for bathrooms that can make it look stunning. So, to give you some inspiration, here are the latest bathroom décor trends and ideas:

Brass accessories

For the last couple of years, metallic finishes in bathrooms have been the biggest trend, however, this year brass is taking over. You can get all sorts of accessories for bathrooms that come in brass colour, including taps, fixtures, lamps and so on. Brass will give your bathroom a rustic look and it will become the centre of attention, while the rest of the space can be left fairly neutral.

Playing with patterns

If you want a stylish looking bathroom with barely any effort, using a pattern in your bathroom is your best choice. Now, this can be anything – you can have a patterned statement wall, bright shower curtains, unique sink skirt or an eye-catching bath mat. Animal print has been especially trendy this year together with the classic floral pattern. The key to this decor is to not over-do it. You should have one patterned statement piece and leave everything else simple.

Statement shower

Statement showers are a brilliant way to turn something standard and boring into a beautiful decoration piece. This is especially great for those who don’t want to saturate the space, as it’s already quite small, and just decorate what’s already there instead. You can have your shower turned into an artwork, with pictures and bright colours or use rich dark colours to bring in contrast

Wooden finishes

Bringing wood into the bathroom has been a fastly growing trend in 2020. Wooden finishes in your bathroom will make it look a lot more peaceful and bring tranquillity to the space. To bring in that wooden look, you can have laminated flooring, wood features on your ceiling or just some classic wooden cupboards. Of course, don’t forget that wood is not the best choice for a moist nature of bathrooms, so you need to find suitable materials for that purpose.

Pastel colours

Everyone loves pastel colours, so why not bring them to the bathroom? You can have a quick redecoration of your bathroom by simply painting your current cupboards and making it into an eye-catching statement piece. Warm pink and cool blue bathroom furniture have been incredibly trendy this year, but any pastel colour you like will look good. You can also style the rest of your bathroom according to this colour, for example, by having matching towels or a toothbrush holder.

Supersize bathroom tiles

Bathroom tiles offer you lots of room for decoration ideas, including different patterns and colours. What has been very trendy, though, is getting supersize tiles. Not only do they bring a striking look in your bathroom but they actually make the space look a lot bigger as well. Large-format tiles are guaranteed to turn heads whenever entering the bathroom, as it’s not a common bathroom design as of yet.

See-through storage

If you love all sorts of bathroom products, such as bath salts and oils, you know the struggle of the awful branded packaging that ruins the looks of your bathroom. So, instead of trying to hide them, you can show them off. Bathroom products usually have nice bright colours. If you put those products in see-through glass bottles and tubs, they will become a genius piece of decoration. Besides, it’s also a lot more practical to have them on display, as you don’t have to look for them in the cupboards every time you’re having a bath.

Pops of greenery

Bringing greenery to any space gives it an extra bit of freshness and a sense of tranquillity. A big lush plant in a stylish plant pot or a hanging plant on the wall could be the one decor piece that is missing in your bathroom. Of course, try and find a plant that likes a lot of humidity, such as an orchid or asparagus fern.

Unexpected pieces

It is now very trendy to bring unexpected accessories to a bathroom space, as it makes for shocking yet stylish design. A great idea is to hang an oversized map on a wall if you have a big empty bathroom wall that needs something. It can also be your framed coin collection or a very unique painting. Anything goes in this case, so let your creativity go wild and surprise the visitors of your bathroom.

See what suits your bathroom

Bathroom decoration is really mostly to do with what works for your bathroom – how large the space is and how much you are willing to change and invest in it. Don’t feel like you need to spend a tonne of cash though, with most of these decoration ideas being the small and easy changes that make your bathroom extra stylish.


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