Shower Drain in Your Wet Room – Which One Will You Choose?

Shower Drain in Your Wet Room - Which One Will You Choose main

A shower drain is one of those elements without which it would be impossible to take a shower in comfortable conditions. This is one of the pieces of equipment in every wet room shower that allows water to flow into the sewage system. Depending on the type of shower in the bathroom, the shower drain may have a different structure. What should you know about shower drains installed on various surfaces in wet rooms?

• Shower drain in wet rooms—what should you know about them?
• The most frequently chosen models in a wet room—a linear drain
• Square drain in your wet room shower
• Choosing a shower drain model
• Installing a drain in the ground

Shower drain in wet rooms—what should you know about them?

Nowadays, every shower drain is made of the best materials. This component is resistant to high pressure and load. It is also water-resistant and does not corrode. It can be produced in various shapes and sizes, so it fits into any interior, and you can choose a specific model in terms of technical, decorative and functional aspects. Many such models are available at

Such traditional point drains will meet the requirements of any project. They are a great addition to bathrooms that are built and designed from scratch or renovated.

During the production process, design is also taken into account so that the element in question fits in with the wet room decor, is discreet, does not interfere while using the shower and maintains a high level of efficiency (thanks to a high flow rate).

The most frequently chosen models in a wet room—a linear drain

A large and varied range of shower drains allows you to choose a solution suitable for a specific bathroom or wet room.

One solution is a linear drain. People who decide to make such a purchase also receive assembly instructions and all necessary accessories in the set. The linear drain comes with a cover in the selected style, as well as a membrane that ensures the entire system is waterproof. Thanks to it, water does not soak into the ground around the drain. The set also includes a siphon and legs that make it easier to adjust the height of this shower drain. Sometimes the installation height depends on the height and type of floor.

Linear drains are very convenient to use because they can be installed practically anywhere. They can be mounted right next to the walls. Their installation is not hindered by pipes or joists in the ground. Cleaning such a linear drain is not difficult. Simply remove the cover to access all hidden components. If you are interested in linear drains, you will find many interesting offers on the website

Shower Drain in Your Wet Room - Which One Will You Choose

Square drain in your wet room shower

Square drain is the second type of shower drains. It also includes a siphon and is adjustable. This product can be used in rooms with concrete or wooden floors. It looks great in wet rooms with tiled floors. Currently, such a model is available for sale with all the necessary parts and accessories for assembly. It is often equipped with a special element that catches hair and small jewellery that gets into the drain.

Choosing a shower drain model

Quality, usability, and functionality are mandatory aspects and features of every shower drain. Additionally, you can decide what it will look like so that it best matches the wet room decor and meets the user’s expectations.

Shower drains are available for sale in several finishes, i.e. red, brass, or gold. Drain covers may therefore have different colours, patterns, or sizes. Therefore, they can be practically invisible and discreet in the bathroom. If the user cannot find a model in the offer of ready-made products that fits his wet room, he may decide to order a product created especially for him, based on his guidelines.

When choosing, you should also pay attention to the type of floor in the wet room. Many models are designed in such a way that they can be placed on a base made of wood or concrete. Their design contains elements that are intended to ensure water resistance and prevent water from leaking into the ground.

Installing a drain in the ground

Firstly, each product comes with all the necessary accessories needed for assembly. The package also includes instructions that explain how to install the drain in the floor.

First, mark on the wall in the wet room the height of the floor. Then place the shower drain on the floor and adjust the height of the legs. At this stage you also need to connect the drain to the sewage system.

Then the floor is filled with the selected material to the planned height. When the floor is ready, it should be protected with a special waterproofer. It is an insulating foil in a liquid form. When it dries, a sealing membrane is applied and the insulating form is used again to ensure maximum tightness of the floor. Once everything is dry, you can lay tiles or another type of flooring. If there is a gap between the drain and the floor, it can be secured with silicone.

To clean the shower drain, simply remove the grate with a special tool. You immediately have access to the siphon and other elements. They can be cleaned with vinegar and water or under running water.


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