Interesting Furniture Styles You’ll See in 2020

Interesting Furniture Styles You'll See in 2020 main

The right piece of furniture can elevate a room to the next level of sophistication. Whether you opt for a unique customised piece or you simply want to keep it simple, finding furniture that speaks to your style and design is the ultimate game-changer.

Furniture trends keep evolving year in, year out due to constant changes in consumer tastes. These changes seek to accommodate varied millennial consumers whose preferences keep shifting. For instance, a certain colour or design of your furniture ten years ago might have been your choice, however, after some time, you would want to change it up to something more interesting. Below are some phenomenal furniture styles that can offer one some motivation to find some riveting pieces for 2020.


Homes come in different sizes and layouts which means the furniture has to be customized based on this. Furniture manufacturers such as Instrument have become flexible and highly adaptable when it comes to catering to the needs of the consumers. There is a growing trend that has been noted towards unique and unusual pieces of furniture. People are now looking for eccentric pieces for their homes that are of high quality and sustainably sourced. Our homes have become a canvas where designers can create a sculptural moment using different pieces of furniture made from organic materials such as natural wood, wool, sisal just to name a few. An exceptional chair, for instance, can easily alter the aura of a home.


Majority of homeowners want to stay in tune with what is considered modern and fashionable. They will go out of their way to change the home décor based on what is currently trending. Manufacturers have observed this trend and constantly come up with different furniture styles to accommodate clients needs. This being said, trend after trend has seen a re-emergence of Italian modern designs which draw on finding a balance between sleek elegance and timeless class. The internet and technology advancement has made it easier for a homeowner to purchase quality pieces from an online store of Italian furniture for the latest styles and designs.


Texture has become an important factor to consider while doing the décor of any home. It has become a significant way to update the décor of a home. From metal grills, shattered glass, rough-hewn woodwork on furniture goes to show that texture is the new pattern when it comes to making a visual statement. It has become a significant way to update the décor of a home.


All it takes is one unique statement furniture piece to refresh a room. A statement piece adds character and value to a home without overwhelming the other furnishings in a room. It can be a great conversation starter without necessarily being the focal point as it’s the first thing that captures your eye when you enter the room. A statement piece easily reflects your style and taste. Depending on the size and layout of your home, one can play with scale when it comes to statement pieces in a home like using antique lamps or oversized mirrors.


Modern homes vary greatly in space and layout. Homeowners are often in search of furniture pieces that can do different duties and can adapt to many situations. Pair this utility with a design aesthetic you love and you’ve found your perfect home decor. Some furniture pieces worth investing on include a sofa that can easily turn into a bed or a storage ottoman that can be used for extra storage.


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