20 Ways To Get More Views on YouTube

20 Ways To Get More Views on YouTube main

Youtube is one of the top platforms for video content creators. It retains its spot as one of the top video streaming platforms. You need to get views to grow on the platform. Moreover, you can use the best sites to buy Youtube views in an attempt to boost your views. However, there are many other ways that you can use other than looking to buy Youtube subscribers. We have listed down 20 of the best methods to gain views on Youtube.

1. Improve production quality

You should start by investing in good video production equipment. You need to make high-resolution videos to get more views on the platform. Moreover, try to invest in a microphone for better audio quality as well.

2. Produce great content

You need to have good content if you want to get views. There is a lot of competition on Youtube. Therefore, you need to come up with great content ideas and execute them flawlessly.

3. Practice good SEO techniques

You need to follow good SEO habits to ensure your video ranks higher in the search results. Using the correct keywords will help you gain a better ranking that will get you more views on your videos.

4. Attractive thumbnails

Your thumbnails have to be top quality to get more views. Thumbnails are one of the first things seen by viewers even before they watch your video. Moreover, your thumbnail should showcase what your video is about and should attract viewers.

5. Create unique titles

The title of your video plays an important role in determining the number of views that you will get. Try to stick to the popular title formats as they gain more traction on the platform. Interesting titles will build intrigue and get you more views.

6. Write video transcripts

Youtube automatically generates transcripts for all of your videos. However, you should write your transcripts. Using keywords in these transcripts will boost your search ranking and therefore help you get more views.

7. Make playlists

Playlists help you to maximize the views you get on videos. You should make playlists with similar videos. Moreover, these playlists have auto-play which gets you more views. Clubbing similar videos in the same playlist improves the chance of viewers watching more videos.

8. Create a series

You could always create a series to attract more viewers to your videos. You should create an interesting series and divide it into many videos. Moreover leaving each video at a cliffhanger will make more viewers turn up for the next installment of the series.

9. Buy Youtube subscribers

You should buy youtube subscribers. They help to improve your views. Moreover, always use the best sites to buy Youtube subscribers. They offer great deals when you buy youtube subscribers and give you unmatched support. Using the best sites to buy Youtube subscribers will benefit your growth.

10. Cross promote content

You should use other social media platforms to promote your videos. Instagram and Facebook are ideal for these promotions. Moreover, you should use Instagram stories. Link your videos to Instagram stories to reach a larger audience and get more views.

20 Ways To Get More Views on YouTube

11. Focus on Introductions

The initial few seconds of your video are very important. If you get your audience hooked on the video within the first 10 seconds, then there is a high chance that they will watch the entire video. Therefore, work hard to make your introductions as intriguing as possible.

12. Use end-screen videos

The end screens of your videos are a great place to promote other videos from your channel. You can use cards that showcase the video on your end screen. When the video ends, users look for other things to watch, and using end screen cards can help redirect them to your videos.

13. Embed videos

Embedding videos allows you to showcase videos on websites. Embedded videos can be played on the website itself. Therefore, if you have a blog or a website, you should embed videos and increase your viewers.

14. Collaborate with creators

Collaborating with creators allows you to reach a larger audience. You get attention from the combined audience of both creators. Therefore, find someone influential in your niche and collaborate on videos with them.

15. Leverage trends

Just like other platforms, Youtube has certain trends that get very popular from time t time. You should try to leverage these trends and make videos on them. Moreover, try to jump on a trend at its early stage to get the maximum views.

16. Find the perfect video length

You should find the perfect length for your videos. When you analyze the watch time of your audience you will be able to see when they click off from your videos. Moreover, use this information to make your videos of the appropriate length.

17. Post at the right times

You should post content when the majority of your subscriber base is active on the platform. Use analytics to find out the approximate time and then post during those times. This will boost your views.

18. Use Youtube Shorts

Youtube Shorts have become very popular. There are millions of people who love watching shorts and you should tap into this segment of Youtube. Moreover, you will manage to increase your views.

19. Have multiple channels

Having multiple channels helps you to reach a larger audience. It helps you to get maximum views on your content. Moreover, you should buy Youtube subscribers for all of these channels.

20. Optimize for mobile viewers

A large percentage of your views come from mobile devices. Therefore, you should optimize your content for them. Check the aspect ratio of your videos to ensure that your videos can be viewed from mobile devices as well.


These are some of the best working techniques when it comes to boosting your views. Getting views on Youtube becomes much easier when you have all of the tools in place. Using these methods will give you a guaranteed increase in the number of views per video. Therefore, you should try out all of these techniques for your Youtube channel.


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