How to Socialize Your Product Through Videos

How to Socialize Your Product Through Videos main

Since almost everyone who watches video views branded content, it stands to reason that businesses should invest time, thought, and effort into making sure the videos they produce are effective on social media. Especially when a video is showcasing that business’s products and services. But how do you socialize a video to the point where viewers feel compelled to share it? There are several things you can do to help this along during the video creation process.

Tell a Story That Connects with the Viewer

One way to encourage the viewer to share the video is to tell a story that relates to them. In order to do this, you should use emotion to get them to feel something, such as happiness, warmth, or surprise. Using humor is one way to encourage shares, but please be smart with the humour you use.

Make it Mobile Optimized

The majority of your customers likely view videos on their mobile devices. So with so many of your customers and prospects relying on your video being optimized for mobile, not doing so can turn your video into a complete failure.

Avoid Recycled Content

Streaming and social platforms are full of video. To capture the attention of your audience, and hope that they share your video, you’ll need original content to stand out with. Sprout Social revealed that 62% of TikTok users say branded content that’s platform-specific is the most effective way of connecting with customers. If you’re planning to use that particular platform, then a unique video will clearly perform better than a recycled one.

How to Socialize Your Product Through Videos

Keep it Short

Statusbrew revealed that 85% of marketers say that short-form videos are more effective than longer ones for social media. To maximize sharing potential, keep your video under five minutes long. You should also make good use of that time, of course. A short and punchy video that quickly gets to the point is often the most successful.

Place Your Hook at the Beginning

Many videos that do well are short and get to the point straight away. The quicker your hook appears in your videos, the more likely your viewers are to watch the whole video. Starting with a bang ensures they’ll be locked into the content. You should also include a clear call to action at the end.

Use Closed Captioning or Subtitles

People watch a lot of video content when on the move. If they don’t have a pair of earphones with them, they’re usually watching videos on silent. Including closed captioning or subtitles makes it easier for them to do so. It also means your videos are more accessible for those with no hearing.

With such a wealth of video content available to watch today, viewers have more choice at their disposal. Making a well-received and shareable product video depends on its quality, length, accessibility, and originality. To achieve these qualities, you should consider working with a professional Birmingham video production company to optimize your video marketing strategy. When you have a high-quality video, it’s more likely to capture your audience’s attention and teach them something about your product. And that’s worth sharing.


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